Your body
Waist? What waist? By now it's hard to hide the growing evidence that you're more than halfway through your pregnancy, so forget trying to conceal your condition: carry your mummy tummy with pride. And make sure you have some comfortable clothes to see you through the next few months until your baby is born.

Up your iron intake
While you're pregnant, your baby uses up to a third of your body's iron stores to make red blood cells, so you need to consume plenty of iron-rich foods to replenish your stocks. It's almost impossible for you to get too much iron from food alone, so eat plenty of lean red meat, poultry, fish, lentils, spinach, dried fruit and iron-fortified cereals.

If tests have revealed that you are anaemic (symptoms include exhaustion and dizziness), you may be prescribed iron supplements. Unfortunately, these can cause constipation, so unless you are anaemic, try to improve your diet as a first resort.

Did you know?
Taking iron supplements can zap your absorption of zinc, a mineral that is essential to your baby's development. Boost your zinc levels by eating more red meat, pulses, whole grains and bananas.

Out of breath
While running up stairs is good for you, it may become increasingly more difficult, due to the expanding uterus pushing up into your lungs. You may find yourself huffing and puffing after the slightest exertion!

Your baby
Your baby now weighs about 300g and her crown to rump length is about 18cm – about as big as a large banana. She still has enough room to sit upright and move around freely.

Her period of rapid growth is slowing down, but her internal systems, such as the digestive tract (see below) are developing fast.

Continue some gentle yoga stretches if cardio is leaving you out of breath.

Waste not, want not
Your baby's digestive system has been working for about 10 weeks. It contains small amounts of digestive enzymes and has developed enough to allow her to swallow amniotic fluid. She will absorb most of the water it contains, plus essential nutrients, and pass the waste products into her bowels.

Prints charming!
The skin covering your baby begins growing from two layers: the epidermis (surface) and dermis (deeper layer). At this stage in pregnancy, the epidermis consists of four layers, one of which contains epidermal ridges. These are responsible for the development of the surface patterns on the fingertips, palms and soles of the feet…your baby now has a unique set of finger and toe prints!