sonny blake

There's nothing quite like that warm, fuzzy feeling you experience looking back through old family photos. Lucky for us, our precious memories have likely been framed or carefully placed into leather-bound albums by our parents, but for the mums and dads of today, it's undeniably quicker and easier to whip out a smartphone when it comes to capturing those first moments.

While we love the blurry snaps of our little ones with macaroni in their hair as much as the next mum or dad, it's important to remember to capture the milestone moments, so you and your all-grown-up son or daughter can one day look back and smile/laugh/cringe.

Maybe you have ticked off their first steps, first holiday and first family photo, but there are so many equally precious moments coming up now your little one’s a fully-fledged toddler – and you absolutely have to snap each and every one.

As Zoe Foster Blake and Hamish Blake prepare to welcome their second child (any day now!), we're using their first son Sonny Blake's most adorable moments to illustrate the memories you'll want to capture for your own little one.

1. The walking solo photo

You thought that first step was a big deal but walking confidently on his own is definitely a proud parent moment – so don’t forget to take a photo.

2. The Christmas morning photo

Clad in a suitably festive get-up and surrounded by presents, that precious ‘It’s Christmas!’ expression on your tot’s face is not one you’ll want to forget.

3. The second birthday photo

Just like you captured your baby’s first birthday, don’t forget to take a few good snapshots at his second big day… and every one after that, too.

4. The big sibling photo

The day your baby becomes a big brother is a big deal. And you’re guaranteed an amazing photo of your two children meeting for the first time.

5. The bike riding photo

You absolutely have to photograph your toddler’s first bike ride – nothing will beat that huge smile on his face and you’ll want to look back on it in years to come.

6. The baking photo

OK, so this photo may focus more on the comedy value of your toddler coated in flour/sugar/chocolate rather than his baking endeavors, but it’s a must in his baby book.

7. The puddle jumping photo

You’ll want to get a real action shot here – it may take a few attempts but the end result will be so worth it.

8. The Halloween photo

You probably always thought Halloween was a bit of a silly holiday until you saw how utterly adorable your toddler looked dressed in her costume.

9. The silly face photo

Your toddler will probably have a whole collection of silly facial expressions, so get snapping away whenever one makes an appearance.

10. The first haircut photo

Although you’ll never get those baby curls back, he will look oh-so-sweet with his near new ‘do.

11. The favourite toy photo

Your tot will love looking back at this snapshot when he's older. Guaranteed he'll have completely forgotten about his fascination with his giant teddy bear.

12. The swimming photo

Capture the moment your little one masters the art of doggy paddle for the first time – with the help of some armbands and a rash vest of course.

13. The playdate photo

There’s nothing cuter than that pic of your toddler surrounded by all of his friends. Don’t worry about getting them to pose – it’ll be so much cuter if you take an action shot.