Osher Gunsberg and his wife Audrey Griffen welcomed their first child together in August 2019. Since Wolfgang’s arrival, The Bachelor host’s life has changed completely.

The TV personality, 47, who is also a devoted stepdad to his wife’s daughter Georgia from a previous relationship, often shares insights into his life as a dad on Instagram and on his parenting podcast, DadPod.

“Looking around, the podcasts that we found around parenting were all very mum focused which was fair enough, but there was no dad stuff,” Osher told Now To Love shortly after Wolfie’s birth.

“Sure, there was the ‘Here’s how your baby survives when you’ve got it by yourself’. Like come on, let’s do a little bit more than that, let’s do a little bit more than parenting for dummies. There was nothing about, ‘OK that’s great but how do I feel? I’m now terrified’. So we decided to start a podcast around that.”

Osher welcomed his first child, Wolfgang in August 2019.

While sharing plenty of advice on his podcast, Osher also has some top tips for getting out and about with a little one, which he shares below.

Tip 1. Put back what you take out of your nappy bag… as soon as you can!
I love knowing that my nappy bag is ready and good to go whenever I need it. I have a friend that has two designated nappy bags, which I think is a brilliant idea. After an incident where he was without nappy wipes, he now keeps one fully stocked bag in the car and one at home.

Tip 2. Invest in rubber straws.
Trust me, your baby will chew through and transform those cafe paper straws into paper “mushae” before they’ve touched the sides of their smoothie. Keep a few rubber straws in your bag and baby can chew away without getting a mouthful of paper.

Osher Gunsberg and his wife Audrey Griffen.

Tip 3. Pack dog poo bags, biodegradable, strong.
Perfect for wrapping up a nappy or keeping wet clothes in.

Tip 4. Yum Cha is a great place to take a baby if you’re craving a lunch or dinner out.
It’s family friendly, your baby can make a mess, and no one will bat an eyelid if they cry.

Tip 5. Now that the world is opening up again, remember babies fly free if they are under two!
But, they do need a passport if you’re travelling overseas. When flying on an airplane, it’s important to get your timing right. Gone are the days when you waltz onto a plane with nothing but your phone and your carry on.

You are going to be lugging a heap of stuff, so make sure you get to your gate at least 20 minutes before you board. Trust me, it won’t be a quick process to get to your seat. Time your baby feeds around take off and landing which helps to acclimatise your baby’s ears.

Wolfie helps out his dad in the podcast studio.

Tip 6. When it’s time for getting out without bub, the best way to find a babysitter is to ask friends or family with kids who they recommend.
Knowing people you love, trust the person who will be taking care of your child can help ease the anxiety of leaving them.

Tip 7. You can’t prep too much or too early.
When it comes to preparing for someone other than a primary carer to mind your baby, I don’t think you can prep too much. I write out a timesheet and leave out all the clothes and things that will be needed while I’m away. Do this prep as early as you can … that way when it’s time to walk out the door, everything is done and you won’t be in a flustered state when it’s time to leave.

Tip 8. Ask your sitter to arrive early.
If you can, pay the sitter to come early so that they are there when you’re there. It will help with transition. It’s important to say goodbye when a baby is in a neutral place like, playing on the floor with the sitter, rather than you hugging the baby and then giving the baby to the sitter and saying goodbye. That’s just going to create separation anxiety. Do a happy goodbye.

Tip 9. Don’t sneak away.
One super important tip… do not sneak away while the baby is asleep. You’ve got to leave while baby is awake. Leaving while baby is asleep has the potential to increase separation anxiety. Try as hard as you can to go out and have a good time. Try not to check in all the time. Try as hard as you can to believe that everything will be ok. Because, it usually will be.

Tip 10. Best laid plans always go astray.
One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received is don’t be afraid to pull the parachute. If things aren’t working out and you need to go home, that’s ok! Trying to muscle through can make things worse, so if you need to pull the parachute. Call it and try again later.

Osher is a part of the Acast Creator Network. You can hear more from him on his podcasts, DadPod and Better than Yesterday wherever you get your podcasts. Season 4 of DadPod is coming soon.