Is the state of your wardrobe a complete and utter mess?

Well, fear not because Gemma Quinn, Australia’s first KonMari Method Consultant is here to help.

Melbourne-based Gemma was first introduced to the KonMari Method when her aunt lent her Marie Kondo’s book, The LifeChanging Magic of Tidying.

What struck Gemma about that book is that the method it teaches, called KonMari Method, is about so much more than just organising. It’s fundamentally about connecting with yourself and your belongings in a way that allows you to organise your home and get on with living your ideal life – one full of joy.

Independent research, commissioned by Bunnings, has uncovered that 50 per cent of Australians spring clean annually, and 53 per cent stated their bedroom is in most need of attention.

To help makeover your closet, Gemma is sharing her clever and affordable storage solutions to ‘spark joy’ in the bedroom wardrobe.

“The KonMari Method is a way to tidy and organise your home while focusing on the things which bring you joy and living your ideal life,” explains Gemma.

“I look at the KonMari Method as a future-focused positive tool used to tidy, declutter and organise. It guides you to make decisions on what to keep and what to let go of, based on your own personal values, beliefs and what brings you joy.

“For this wardrobe makeover I have combined some of my learning from the KonMari Method with my own organisational tricks.”

Gemma Quinn is a professional organiser for clients all over the world.

Step 1: Declutter

  • Declutter similar items at the same time – all your socks, all your t-shirts etc.
  • Keep only what sparks joy – makes you feel happy!
  • When you let go of an item, thanks it for serving its purpose

“The most important thing when decluttering and organising is to be honest with yourself. When we declutter and organise, we’re very often not just letting go of and organising our belongings, we’re letting go of and tidying our thoughts, emotions and our hearts too,” explains Gemma.

“An organised space leads people to being able to think more clearly and focus on what is important to them, as they have less items competing for their attention. It can help people to feel less distracted and anxious, therefore they can feel calmer, and this can influence things like our relationships and sleep.

“I feel a decluttered bedroom can help reduce morning stress, as it’s easier to find your work outfits and prepare yourself for the day!

“Helps you relax at night, you’re more inclined to read the bookyou want or spend time with your partner, and improves your sleep.”

Step 2: Measure up!

“Ensure you capture all measurements of the wardrobe – height, width and depth – to ensure your storage solutions will fit,” advises Gemma.

Step 3: Shop
“Bunnings has some clever storage solutions instore now! Due to Melbourne being in lockdown, I had products delivered to my home via Bunnings’ Click and Delivery service.

“When selecting items, look at their functionality, durability and quality.”

Step 4: Organise
Top three tips for a functional bedroom wardrobe are:

  1. Use all your space, including voids
  2. Use open boxes to make things visible and manageable
  3. Give every item its own home – store like with like!

“When organising I love to think outside the square! One of my favourite organisational hacks for a wardrobe makeover is using door knobs and baskets on the back of the doors. This is an efficient and fun way to use previously dead space,” says Gemma.

“There is very often a small void between a closed door and a shelf. Attaching baskets in these places is a smart way to create new storage space in your home. It’s the perfect place to store your smaller items like caps, sunglasses, socks or even your favourite sentimental item.”

Attach baskets to doors to make the most of every single space.

“To attach the door knobs and baskets, I recommend using Command Hooks, which are great for renters because they can be removed when you leave and you don’t need to drill any holes into walls or doors,” says Gemma.

S-hooks are a great way to add functionality to your wardrobe, you just hang them on a rail and tie a bit of string to an item and you can neatly store almost anything. This is great for awkwardly shaped items like tripods, bags and sports equipment.

“To maximise space, folding clothes makes more efficient use of the storage solution and allows you to see your clothes all at once.

“When folding, ensure you wrap compactly, like file folding so the clothes don’t fall over, like the KonMari Method.”

“I love a Clever Cube, a portable and highly versatile storage unit that can be placed vertically or horizontally in the wardrobe for different looks, and with cotton or bamboo inserts, which fit neatly in any Clever Cube, they are ideal for concealing toys, books, clothing and more,” says Gemma.

“Finally, a shoe rack that you can insert into your wardrobe is a neat and effective way to see your shoes at a glance.

“Finally, it’s really important to look after your items, therefore set time aside each for a tidy up and declutter.”

And the joy is sparked! Just look at this tidy, organised wardrobe.