Aussie model and television presenter, Jennifer Hawkins and her partner Jake Wall welcomed their first baby, sweet daughter Frankie Violet Hawkins Wall back in October, 2019.

Since then the genetically blessed pair have been documenting life as a family of three via their social media accounts and things are looking pretty adorable for the Hawkins-Wall clan.

Down to earth mum, Jen has been easing back into a fitness routine with gentle exercise, which includes some mum and bub yoga time with her little “yoga buddy”, Frankie.

Jennifer Hawkins and baby , Frankie Violet

First-time mum, Jennifer Hawkins has been sharing beautiful images of her life as a mum on her social channels.

In a sweet share on her Instagram stories on Wednesday, the 36-year-old first time mum gave fans a glimpse into iso-life at home with bub with an adorable video of Frankie Violet giggling as mum, Jen tried to instruct her into performing some yoga moves.

WATCH: Jennifer Hawkins doing yoga with her “yoga buddy”, daughter Frankie is too adorable for words. Continues after video …

Gentle yoga is an ideal way to ease back into a fitness routine while recovering from pregnancy and childbirth, but it’s not for everyone and you shouldn’t feel pressured to start an exercise routine until you feel you and your child are ready.

Everybody is different. Every body is different. Every pregnancy is different. Every child has different needs.

You should also note that while it’s common to have a small degree of abdominal separation after pregnancy, anything greater than two fingers wide will need special consideration so you should always check with your GP or a qualified physical therapist to be safe before you begin.

Once you’ve spoken with your medical team and been given the all-clear to begin exercise, choosing yoga will reap many rewards your physical and mental health.

Yoga teaches us to breathe well, it can help us cope with overwhelming environments and situations and generally learn to relax. It can also help slow down involuntary movements as breathing well encourages more oxygen into the body which improves a wide range of things, including circulation.

If we can breathe well, we can learn to be in a calm state which sets us in good stead to manage life at home with a baby!

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite at home yoga tutorials for you to try with bub in the gallery below, and best of all some of them only take five minutes!

5 of the best free mum and bub yoga tutorials online