Kelsey Bond and Kieran Fuller

Along with his twin brother Kayden, sweet, little Kieran Keller was born on February 20, [entering the world]( |target="_blank") almost three months before he was due to.

Already struggling with health issues attached to premature births (including a worrying lung condition), the last thing Kieran needed was another medical setback, let alone one as serious as what he endured while being fed by a nurse at 3am one morning while in hospital.

According to The Intelligencer, Kieran was being cared for by a nurse in a special-care nursery in Belleville General Hospital in Canada when the nurse accidentally fell asleep while feeding him, waking to Kieran crying on the floor.

What makes matters worse for Kelsey, 20, and Kieran is that she and her husband Kyle Keller weren’t notified of the incident until five hours after the fact.

“I received a phone call at 8am saying that the nurse had fallen asleep feeding him and woke up to him crying on the floor,” says Kelsey of the hospital department’s manager’s phone call.

“She said she was sorry … and that a pediatrician had looked at [Kieran] and said he was fine.”

“You’re supposed to be notified right away,” Kelsey says.

Despite being told her baby was OK, Kelsey noticed swelling and redness on the right side of Kieran’s head, prompting her to demand for an ultrasound and CT scan of her son’s scan.

What the scans showed is nothing short of alarming.

These tests revealed that the paediatrician was gravely mistaken; Kieran’s skull had suffered a depressed fracture and an acute subdural hematoma – the collection of blood between the brain and skull.
While the hospital’s management team have publicly apologised, this hasn’t deterred Kelsey from suing the hospital for what happened Keiran, based on “neglect”.

“The nurse is not suspended; she has not been fired; there is no punishment for her.”

After months in hospital, 10 days ago, Keiran was discharged from hospital to the care of his parents at home, but Kelsey says he is still very much a “high needs” child following the shocking incident that occurred at this Canadian hospital.

We’re wishing Kieran a speedy recovery.