Married At First Sight star Carly Bowyer is eight months pregnant and like so many women she is finding her journey to motherhood tough.

Carly is expecting her first child with boyfriend Neil Goldsmith and taking to Instagram, the reality television star opened up about the low points of her pregnancy, explaining at times she’s found it difficult to keep smiling.

Alongside a snapshot of herself wearing a pelvic support and sitting beside Neil, Carly writes:

“This is me! And I just wanted to share how I’ve REALLY been through most of my pregnancy.. Pictured here with dirty hair, no makeup to hide my melasma, wearing active wear, and smiling even though I sometimes don’t want to! (Hello hormones!).”

Carly shares her painful pregnancy condition with her 105K Instagram followers.

The 34-year-old goes on to explain how she’s suffering Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) and is exhausted.

“I now have to wear a pelvic support band due to PGP, and can no longer walk without being in a lot of pain (or stand, or sit for long periods of time) Oh and did I mention that I wee 30 times a day, and am uncomfortable and exhausted 24/7?! and the list goes on 😆.”

Based in Melbourne, Carly goes on to say that being separated from her family due to COVID restrictions has also been a low point.

“I also haven’t been able to see my family my entire pregnancy, because they’re in SA (bloody Covid). Which has been the toughest part.”

Thankfully, Carly can see the light at the end of the tunnel aka the arrival of her precious baby boy.

“Don’t get me wrong, I count my blessings everyday that we’ve been this fortunate to have our Biscuit on the way. I’ve definitely been lucky compared to some, and I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat for our boy,” she says.

“But I think it’s important to share all sides to pregnancy. Try not to compare yourself because it’s not always glamorous or a beautiful experience like you often see on social media. So anyone out there who is struggling – I totally feel you! You are not alone. You’ve got this Mama 💙”

Carly’s post received an outpouring of support from mama followers who were quick to offer up kind words.

“I had that too .. every day was shuffling!!😆 So painful! Feel for you! 😍,” sympathised one fellow mama.

“Love your honesty. You have just given a gift to others by being honest and sharing your challenges. Thank you for your kindness,” added another fan.

“Oh dear that pelvic girdle pain was the absolutely most excruciating thing and no one warned me not to walk so far which is probably what exacerbated it. I remember dragging my hips and leg along omg couldn’t walk for weeks. Thankfully you have the support band and hope physio or something can help. I reckon that pain is worse than labour 😬 all the best you’re doing well 💞x,” commented a mum who had also previously suffered PGP.

Carly shot to fame as a bride on Married At First Sight in 2018, where she was matched with ice-cream businessman Justin Fischer.

Their marriage was short-lived and Carly then struck up a romance with co-star Troy Delmege before finding love with her now boyfriend Neil.

Carly now hosts a dating podcast on Nova.

What is Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP)?

According to Pregnancy Birth & Baby PGP is a collection of uncomfortable symptoms caused by a misalignment or stiffness of your pelvic joints at either the back or front of your pelvis.

It’s estimated that PGP in pregnancy affects up to 1 in 5 pregnant women to some degree. Some women with PGP may feel or hear a clicking or grinding in the pelvic area and pain can be most noticeable when they are:

  • walking
  • going upstairs
  • standing on one leg (for example when getting dressed or going upstairs)
  • turning over in bed

If a pregnant woman notices pain around her pelvic area she should seek medical advice as early diagnosis can help keep pain to a minimum and avoid long-term discomfort.

Treatment for PGP can include physiotherapy, exercises to strengthen your pelvic floor, stomach back and hip muscles and equipment if necessary, such as crutches or pelvic support belts, like in Carly’s case.