inlaw guidelines

When Susanne Kerns was offered the trip of a lifetime, her in-laws kindly offered to come and care for her one-year-old daughter for 10 days.

Although they had successfully raised two children themselves, Susanne decided to write a comprehensive list of “guidelines and explanations” to ensure that they were across all of the need-to-know matters that they and Susan’s daughter would need to survive.

When the letter fell out of a book eight years later, Susanne realised that perhaps she was a little pedantic in her list-making and she imagined what went through her in-laws minds as they read this instruction sheet.

This hilarious series of images is the result.

Extensive bedtime instructions –

"Say goodbye to things out the window and close drapes."

The guidelines even extend to the direction to dog walking.

"Walk the dog – head north."

Translation of baby sounds –

"Haaaa" means you have to sing happy birthday and "Uhtoh means Uhtoh." Wait, what?

"Big Hungry Bear – you have to sniff when the bear sniffs." Duh, naturally.

Complete dietary breakdown including sizes for cutting. Banana cut into pea size and blueberries cut into…what? 1/4s of 1/2s??

"She loves anything unexpected, put a cup on your head."

Susanne is first mother to write a list such as this, and she certainly won't be the last. Not only did the inlaws handle this letter with aplomb everyone survived the 10 day trip. Except the blueberries, which were well and truly mashed.

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