Toddler games

Don't look now!

This is a good game for toddlers who are fussy eaters and it's fun too!

You'll need:

  • A blindfold
  • A pen and paper
  • A selection of similar foods (for example, six small portions of different fruits, cheeses, biscuits or yogurts)

What to do:

  1. Put the blindfold on your toddler and pull him close to the kitchen table. He'll love the excitement and novelty of it all and forget he's being asked to try something new!
  2. Let him taste each food in turn. Ask questions such as "Is it soft or hard? Dry or juicy? Yummy or yucky?" Make sure to mix up familiar and new tastes for example, follow a slice of banana with a slice of Kiwi fruit, or give him normal yogurt with Greek style.
  3. Make a show of noting down any new favourites. Help him find them "all by himself" next time you're in the supermarket.


Your toddler won't believe his luck when you introduce him to this funny, feet game

You'll need:

  • Scissors
  • 2 shoe boxes
  • Sticky tape
  • Old newspaper
  • Paint
  • Foam and thick card
  • Glue or sticky tape

What to do:

  1. In the lid of each box, cut a hole big enough for your child's foot to fit through.
  2. Help your toddler tape the lid to the box.
  3. Get your toddler to stuff both boxes with scrunched-up newspaper, leaving just enough room for his feet to fit inside.
  4. Help your toddler paint the boxes with spots and scales to look like dinosaur feet.
  5. Cut out 5cm claws from foam or thick card. Paint them and glue them to the front of the boxes. Your scary feet are complete!

Dance the night away…

If your little one has loads of pent up energy, why not have an impromptu boogie together? Play music that lends itself to actions – something that has a loud beat, so your little one can stamp like an elephant, and quiet parts, so she can tiptoe with her fingers to her lips. Pick something that has a marching beat and go up and down the room together, or sing in the mirror with a hairbrush, like you are both pop stars. You could be encouraging the next Robbie or Kylie!

Chase me, Mummy!

Toddlers love to be chased but only if they're caught. It'll only work if your child knows he gets a hug or kiss every time you manage to catch him. You could also pretend to be different animals, a roaring lion or a scuttling mouse. When your toddler catches you let him have a go, too.

It's so quiet…

Take time out to read a story to your little one, or make one up on the spur of the moment. Toddlers love it if you include them in the story, so they can identify with what's going on. Ask your toddler to say what he can see on the page so it's interactive and fun for him too. Have fun!