Party Food

When you think of kids parties, do you immediately conjure images of tables laden with sugary and salty foods; cakes, cookies, chips and soft drinks?

I know I do.

When it comes to designing a party food menu, I think moderation is the key, with a variety of foods on offer.

So, yes, at parties I host you will see the obligatory cupcakes, cookies or other treats that my kids are allowed to enjoy on occasion, but I always ensure there are healthy party food options that not only look great, but also help fill their tiny tummies.

Most importantly, these foods need to be super quick to prepare.

Let's face it, who has time these days for time-consuming or tricky recipes?

I hope these five quick and easy party food ideas help you out for your next special event.

Piggy Pizzas

Mini animal pizzas are a great option for a kids' party; they will fill the kids up and you can pack them with ‘hidden’ veggies.

If, like my daughter, your children have a soft-spot for pigs, create a cute piggy pizza with a pita bread base topped with tomato passata and mozzarella cheese, ham for the ears and snout, and mushrooms or olives for the eyes and nostrils.

Sailboat Sandwiches

A loaf of wholemeal bread, some cream cheese, a carrot and a green capsicum is all you need to create these cute sailboat sandwiches.

Use a sailboat cookie-cutter to cut out the boats and then top them with whatever spreads and veggies take your fancy. Pesto would also work well for the base, instead of green capsicum.

Teddy Pikelets

This was inspired by teddy French toast, a recipe that has become a firm family favourite.

To make it party-friendly, use pikelets instead of toast. Store-bought pikelets are a great option, or if you want to make them even healthier, you could make some homemade pikelets with wholemeal flour.

All you need is pikelets, three pieces of banana per pikelet for the ears and mouth and sultanas (or raisins) for the eyes and nose.

Fruit Pops

If you have some popsicle sticks or wooden skewers in the cupboard and fruit in the fridge, you can whip up a party food that every child will love – a colourful and tasty fruit pop.

Get creative and use cookie-cutters to cut out some of your kid’s favourite shapes; gingerbread or star-shaped watermelon pops are a favourite in my house.

Rainbow fruit pops are also always a hit, so pack as many fruit pieces as you can on to each stick.

Strawberry Smoothie Slice

With just two ingredients – 1 litre of vanilla yoghurt and a punnet of strawberries – this Strawberry Smoothie Slice is a fantastic sweet party food option that kids of all ages will love.

Use a blender or food processor to mix the smoothie and then pour into a lined slice tin. Freeze for a minimum of two hours and then cut out your desired shapes.

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