Traditionally Good Friday means good fish, and we are here for it!

Whether you’re honouring the religious reasons, or simply want the excuse to eat a deliciously healthy holiday meal, putting seafood on your plate at Easter time is always a great idea.

We’ve gathered 10 mouth-watering fish recipes from the folks at The Australian Women’s Weekly Food that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers in the gallery below.

Traditionally Good Friday means good fish!

Why eat fish at Easter?

The tradition of forgoing meat and sticking to fish on Good Friday dates back centuries. Christians believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins on a Friday – and so Fridays were seen by many as a day of penance – but they wanted to honour that sacrifice through food.

Because meat was seen as a delicacy that was saved for special occasions, it was also seen as inappropriate to eat on Good Friday. According to the Bible, it’s technically the flesh of warm-blooded animals that are off-limits on this day. But as fish are cold-blooded, they’re considered fair game.

10 delicious fish recipes for you to make this Easter