Last night surrounded by family, which included the dog, and her midwives and doula, Emma Isaacs gave birth to her sixth baby.

Emma was at home in Los Angeles in a blow-up birthing pool and she livestreamed the labour and birth via her Instagram stories to thousands of people.

The Aussie mum and founder and Global CEO of Business Chicks, Australia’s largest community for women, took to Instagram to share with her followers that contractions were starting and the public was invited along for the ride.

“OK friends, looks like we might have some baby action tonight,” Emma wrote.

“Contractions about seven minutes apart. I’m going to hand my phone over to friends and family who are here with me (let’s hope they know what they’re doing!) and will see you all on the other side… We’ll start by sharing some stories then go live when it feels right. My two midwives and doula aren’t here yet, but shouldn’t be too long. I’m feeling strong and ready.”

Viewers then watched as Emma breathed through her contractions. She wore a beaded necklace made by friends to give her strength and her children and dog wandered in and out of the room as she laboured.

The room was filled with candles and a magical playlist of calming music played. When it was time for the baby to make his grand entrance, her loved ones all gathered around to share the incredible experience with Emma.

This morning, Emma and her new baby boy shared a video message to Instagram, where she thanked viewers for joining her for the birth.

“Thank you for being there last night as we welcomed this baby into the world, it was a really special time,” began the boss lady.

“It certainly wasn’t as fast as I would’ve liked. Labour started around 8pm (LA time) and I was having really good contractions and it was all speeding up really well but when I got in the tub it all stopped. That’s a lesson in patience and not knowing what you’re going to get.”

Emma’s baby boy arrived around 5am (LA time) and mum and bub are both well.

“He weighs 4.1 kilos, he’s super healthy and pink and feeding well and doing great. He was born encaul, which is really special. Only one in 80,000 babies are born in their sac.”

The 35-year-old also spoke of the birth being a gift amidst the coronavirus pandemic and the race riots and protests that are currently unfolding across America.

“It’s a beautiful gift right now with everything else going on in the world,” she said. “We could actually hear sirens and helicopters overhead as we’re not far from the protests here in LA. It’s beautiful to do something so gentle and lovely at a time when the world is a little bit messed up and in pain.”


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Last week Emma shared with her almost 45,000 followers, that she would be livestreaming her birth and that she was due any day.

“When my last baby Piper was born (pictured) I really wanted to livestream the birth but got talked out of it and really regretted it afterwards,” she explained in a lengthy Instagram post.

“I don’t want to make that same mistake again so I’m going to livestream this one (which let’s be honest, could happen anytime from about now). I’ve had five amazing homebirths and really hope the sixth will be much the same,” she continued.

“I’m also open to the possibility it might not be. I just want to do my little part to show that women are strong and birth (no matter what your choices are) can be amazing. Anyways this may be up your alley or you might think ‘I cannot think of anything worse’ and both are perfectly acceptable reactions. Each to their own!”

Emma finished off the post by encouraging those women who may be worried about birth to tune into the livestream.

“However, if you know someone who might be fearful of birth and might benefit from experiencing this, then invite them in. Promise to let you know when it starts to unfold. Much love! xo”

Emma’s post was met with an outpouring of support from her friends and followers who praised her for her braverly and for educating others on what is usually a very private experience.

“You know as a fellow home birth mama who has no sisters or a daughter, I’ve always thought it so sad that I can’t share another women’s birth. The experience to bear witness to a new soul arriving is I am sure very different to being the one labouring. Live streaming OMG what a gift,” wrote one mama.

“Wow! Brave lady…but then this is your 6th baby…. you got this down pat! I watched one of your birth videos you shared and it was magic. Best wishes. X,” commented another.

“Empowering women every way you can! Amazing Emma, so brave, yes — we know that about you, but mostly, such a selfless and kind way to share birth and motherhood, and celebrate the beautiful and natural process of birth. Really looking forward to it,” penned a follower who will definitely be tuning in.

Influencer and entreprenaur, Sophie Cachia who made headlines in 2017 when she livestreamed the birth of her second child, Florence to Snapchat, is also looking forward to watching Emma’s live birth. “Can’t wait 😍😍😍😍,” she wrote.

Emma says she has has five amazing homebirths and is looking forward to livestreaming the sixth.

Emma has spoken in the past about her decision to have a homebirth with her first child, explaining that she was terrified of childbirth and after reading countless books and attending a Calmbirth course she decided a homebirth was the way to go and she calls it the most empowering experience of her life.

“At home I can choose who I want to surround myself with and it’s where I ultimately feel most safe and relaxed. In my case it’s always my midwife, my doula, my husband and kids that attend the births.”

Emma also has some advice for those wishing to judge her birthing decisions saying women need to make their own childbirth choice and not be judged.

“I’d never ever judge a woman for the choices they make when it comes to childbirth. My three closest girlfriends have chosen elective c-sections and I’ve supported them through each of them. I’d just love women to know that they have choices.”