In happy news for pregnant women everywhere, we can confirm that chocolate is safe for most pregnant women, as long as it’s in moderation.

According to a study, researchers say that eating 30 grams of chocolate every day during pregnancy may even be beneficial to fetal growth and development.

The study included 129 pregnant women all between the 11- and 14-week mark. They were separated them into two groups and over 12 weeks, were both groups were given 30 grams (that’s the equivalent of four mini Easter eggs) per day.

Did someone say there are health benefits to eating chocolate? Yes, that’s correct!

The study’s lead researcher Emmanuel Bujold explains the positive outcome.

“This study indicates that chocolate could have a positive impact on placenta and foetal growth and development and that chocolate’s effects are not solely and directly due to flavanol content,” he said.

What’s more, according to a report published in New Scientist, the chemical phenylethylamine found in chocolate, which makes the brain release endorphins, is passed on from the mother to the baby, resulting in a happier baby. Win, win!

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While eating some chocolate is beneficial, pregnant women are warned not to overindulge in chocolatey goodness due to its fat, sugar and caffeine content.

And you may wish to pass on that Cadbury choc block altogether if:

  • You’re having trouble controlling your blood sugar
  • You’ve been diagnosed with gestational diabetes
  • You’re gaining too much weight