Tee Pee Bed

When it's time to transform your baby's bedroom from a nursery into a 'bed kid' room, it's easy to find inspiration and decorating ideas. Thanks to Instagram and Pinterest there's no shortage of amazing kids' rooms to drool over, but more often than not to 'get the look' styling your child's room can cost the Earth.

That's exactly what mum blogger, Sarah from Hello Bowsers thought when she fell in love with the perfect tee pee bed for her young son, Caleb.

"I came across a beautiful toddler teepee bed with pull out trundle that I couldn’t stop thinking about for days and knowing it would be perfect for my son, I knew what was in store for me," Sarah wrote in her blog.

"My first clue was the price of this adorable piece wasn’t listed on the site. I know, bad news bear. I later contacted the company for a quote when curiosity got the better of me. The bed is well over $2000 without shipping, tax and duty fees. Yikes!"

But not wanting to give up on her dream of having the most adorable tee pee bed for her son, Sarah decided to take the bed on as her own DIY project.

"I’ll make the damn thing myself. How hard can it be?" she shared in her blog post. Famous last words, perhaps?!

After much planning, Sarah and her fiancée were able to design, build and decorate their own tent-style bed for their little boy. And it is AMAZING!

The bed looks like a very comfortable, child-friendly camp site and comes complete with woodland friends, a pull-out trundle for sleepovers, star decals, and cut-outs for that outdoorsy-camping feel.

With a bed like this, it's hard to imagine kids creating a fuss when it comes to bedtime.

It looks like a permanent camp-out under the stars!

Although Sarah's young son, Caleb isn't quite ready for the bed, he certainly looks proud of what his mum has created for him.

We're impressed! Well done, mama. Are you taking orders?!

You can find Sarah's full tent-bed tutorial here but if you're short on time you can buy your own tee pee kids bed from Domayne starting from $1699.

Read Sarah's original blog post here.