By Chris Advansun, Head of Sleep Stories at Calm

Every year when daylight savings rolls around, our minds feel like they’re programmed to reject the time change. For many parents, it’s not just the lost sleep that’s challenging; it’s also the stress that comes from having to readjust your kids’ routine that they’ve just settled into from the start of the year.

According to research, children can take longer than adults to adjust as they struggle to understand the concept of it – and for younger kids, it can be even more difficult when it’s still light at bedtime. 

Ahead of daylights savings (April 3, 2022), here are a few tips to help your little ones transition as smoothly as possible. 

1. Start bedtime routine earlier

Getting to bed earlier is easier said than done. Try making incremental changes to your and your child’s evening routine by settling them into bed 15 minutes earlier than their usual bedtime each day,  a few days before the switch.

This way kids will slowly settle in when the transition happens so that the time change doesn’t feel too abrupt.

Kids still bounding with energy? Start bringing their bedtime routine forward a little each day.

2. Control the  environment 

A positive routine in the lead up to bedtime helps create consistency the body recognises, helping families wind down. Bedtime routines often work best when the atmosphere is calm and relaxed.

Putting on some soft soundscapes is a great way to help relax their mind and can effortlessly blend into the background of your pre-slumber activities: try any of Calm’s nature melodies, soundscapes or sleep music tracks to start.

Music is a great way to calm minds and prepare for bed.

3. Try a sleep story

Another great way to help kids get to sleep soundly is through sleep stories. Not to mention, they’re great alternatives for parents who want to sit back and relax, too!

Sleep Stories involve a soothing mix of words, music and gentle sounds to help your little one drift off into dreamland. Calm offers over 200 great Sleep Story options, including reimagined classics suchs Pinocchio and the Sleepless Cricket or original stories I authored including Sienna the Sleepy  Sloth and The Lavender’s Valley.