Are you feeling bad about sending the kids to school with a Vegemite sandwich day after day?

Don’t go here.

It’s photographs of lunches prepared by a bloke who calls himself Lunch Box Dad

Beau Coffron is a father of three who turns slices of bread, pasta, bananas, berries and broccoli into scenes from Minions, or characters from Shrek.

Beau tells the Unilad website that he started experimenting “as a way to show his daughter that he was thinking of her when she started kindergarten”.

“All the lunches have been inspired by what my kids are watching and reading,” he says.

“When they get really interested in a topic, I design a lunch around it. It has helped me to really pay attention to what they’re into. I figure you have to make your child a lunch anyway — why not spend 20 minutes or so more and make it a fun memory?”