Married at First Sight’s Cyrell Paule has shared some personal footage of her in the labour ward about to deliver her son, Boston Eden Dally.

The 32-year-old who shares Boston with her partner, SAS Australia star, Eden Dally, 28 shared the clip to Instagram ahead of her son’s first birthday.

In the footage, Cyrell is in the final stages of labour and as she’s pushing she can be heard off camera screaming.

The reality television star captioned the video:

“No pain can compare. But the magic that comes at the end. Makes it all worth it. The female body is phenomenal. How bout that scream though.”

Cyrell finished the post with the following hashtags: #almosthisfirstbirthday #themagicofpregnancy

Watch the video below.

Cyrell and Love Island‘s Eden welcomed their first child on February 9, 2020.

Cyrell who was nicknamed “Cyclone Cyrell” during her time on MAFS has also previously revealed that her labour was tough. “I probably took every drug you could take during labour,” she told a local publication.

“I ended up getting cut as well, and because I genuinely couldn’t push anymore, he also had to get suctioned out.”

Eden and Cyrell welcomed their son, Boston Eden Dally in February 2020.

Cyrell’s childbirth post was quickly flooded with comments, including one from her partner Eden who showed his support for all women and what their bodies can do during labour, by writing:

“God I remember this like it was yesterday to all the mothers out there that went through this you have gained my ultimate respect wasn’t easy watching couldn’t imagine doing it.”

Another follower added: “Thank you for sharing this incredible moment with us 😘love the scream at the end 😂😂”

While a mum-of-three wrote: “I’ve had 3 babies and every time I say I’m never doing it again. I’m going to stick to that now 😂😂 they’re worth it though.”