Since welcoming her beautiful third daughter, Sunday, in February this year Television producer, Chezzi Denyer has been warming hearts with her authentic and open shares about the realities of new motherhood and life as a mum-of-three.

The new mum took to Instagram to share some insights she had about her postpartum body the third time around and ooh boy, it’s beautiful.

Mum-of-three Chezzi Denyer is warming the hearts of many with her real take on motherhood.

“How AMAZING is the female body,” the 41yo mum-of-three began the post which features a series of images taken in hospital in the days after Sunday’s birth.

“I’m still blown marvelling at how my body grew another life.. how it gave my baby all the nutrients needed to thrive despite me being so unwell and unable to eat,” she continued, referring to her experience with severe morning sickness condition, hyperemesis gravidarum.

The series of selfie images, which show the beautiful changes her body went through in the days post-birth had a profound impact on the new mum.

“Each of these photos I took in hospital just days after Sunday’s birth,” she shared. “I just couldn’t stop staring at my body and how it felt and looked. I’ve never been so proud of myself. It’s an incredible feeling and one I’ve never really allowed myself to feel before I think. Looking back on my previous births I would put unreasonable, unrealistic pressure on myself I believe.”

“But this time I felt differently,” Chezzi continued.

“This time I allowed and encouraged myself to feel and enjoy every moment. To savour the changes. To marvel at the beauty.

“And perhaps it’s my age that made me rethink the process or maybe it was the difficulty we experienced in falling pregnant this time.

“Either way, I want more women to truly savour the changes.. Growing and birthing a baby is absolutely miraculous. We should be so proud of ourselves and what our bodies have endured and provided. It’s truly beautiful…”

See Chezzie’s images in the gallery below …

Chezzi’s post is resonating with mums all over.

“This is so bloody beautiful,” wrote one fan. “Thank you for being so real and honest and transparent. Growing a baby and birthing a baby is miraculous…. you are right!”

Another shared how Chezzi’s post had made her reject on her own experience: “Oh wow this brings back memories to my c-section. Good on you for showing a realistic view of a normal body post baby.”

While others were quick to praise Chezzi for being so real about what postpartum looks like.

“So refreshing to see a regular body on the gram and not one showing the symptoms of pregnancy have disappeared within days. How incredible are we ❤️”

Gold Logie winner Grant Denyer and Chezzi, who met in 2005 after working together on Sunrise and tied the knot in 2010, announced their pregnancy in August last year by sharing an adorable video of their two daughters chatting about their baby sibling.

“We have some exciting news….. coming 1 March 2021,” Grant and Chezzi both captioned the video, which showed their two girls sitting at a table with a toy doll.

“So, we have some news. Our mum is pregnant! And mum’s really sick. And she’s been resting for days,” Sailor explained, before revealing her mum’s morning sickness has left her bedridden for “a month.”

“So that’s our news and it’s so exciting that she’s got a baby,” she added.

“And we’re so excited to play with it and look after it and hold it,” an elated Sailor beamed.