Until you fall pregnant you have no clue about the crazy world of pregnancy. While you start thinking about buying bigger pants or looking for a pram and a cot, you probably didn't know you would need some of these products, made just for pregnant women. Here are 10 pregnancy products you never knew you needed.

  1. Shoulder bands

They might look nutty, but these Babybelly shoulder bands are designed to provide additional support to your baby bump, relieving pressure on your back. They attach to the Babybelly Abdominal Band (sold separately) and can be adjusted for comfort. Wear something over them to avoid unwanted stares. $26.95. Click HERE for more info.

  1. Belly band

Although bearing more than a passing resemblance to a huge sports bandage, this organic cotton belly band is actually very cool. It lets you carry on wearing your regular clothes for longer, by filling in the gap between your growing bump and the rest of you. For more info click HERE.

  1. Maternity pillow

Don't panic, this mum to be is just very, very tired. She 's fallen asleep on a Bellybean maternity pillow, which is basically two soft pillow inserts joined together to create a comfortable sleeping space with room for a baby bump.

For more info click HERE.

  1. Morning sickness remedy

Around half of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness, and all of those could well do without the constant nausea and dry heaves and vomiting that affect them in the first trimester. If you're one of them, keep some of these handy. For more info click HERE.

  1. Belly cast kit

It might seem strange but just before giving birth, many woman like nothing more than to slather themselves in plaster and make a cast of their bump before the baby pops out. While some hang the resulting cast on the wall of their baby's nursery, others keep them until their child's 21st, to taunt them with about how hard their delivery was. Click HERE to find out more.

  1. Fetal doppler

For those parents who simply cannot wait another second before their 12 week hospital appointment to hear their baby's heartbeat, this fetal doppler lets you listen in on the action from 10 weeks gestation. Let us know if you hear Bruce Willis's voice. Click HERE for more info.

  1. Compression socks

Ok, so these aren't going to win any fashion awards, particularly when worn while seated on a doric column. However, they do serve an important purpose – helping to prevent nasty varicose veins that can plague women during pregnancy. They also promise to provide relief from tired, aching and swollen legs.

Click HERE for more info.

  1. Pregnancy lilo

Yes, you read it right the first time. Someone has taken the time and trouble to invent a lilo just for pregnant women, complete with a hole for your bump to pop through. Use it at the beach or the pool, or just loll about on it at home. Unreal.

Click HERE for more details.

  1. Perineum massage oil

No one likes to mention it, but there is a chance that while giving birth you could tear your perineum, the delicate skin between your vagina and anus. Ouch! However, if you start using an oil like this from around 34 weeks to nourish and prepare the skin for child birth it will help increase blood flow and elasticity and could prevent of tearing. Click HERE for more info.

  1. Stretch mark cream

Your skin gets super sensitive during pregnancy – about as sensitive as you if someone touches your bump again without asking. While you can't fix the latter, you can start using a stretch mark cream early on in your pregnancy to help your skin retain its natural elasticity. You can use the empty bottle to throw at people who touch your bump with out asking. Click HERE for more info.