Little two-year-old Ezra Somnitz, from Ohio, US, has been deaf since he was born.

For him, it’s genetic. His father and grandparents had hearing difficulties as well.

“He only hears select very high frequency sounds like jet aeroplanes and loud music,” his mum Melanie explained.

So when little Ezra blew into the recorder, he could hear the high-pitched sound – and as you can see from the video, he was overjoyed!

“(Ezra) thought that his brother was just screaming into it so he tried the same thing,” Melanie said of the sweet moment.

“Learning to blow air out of your mouth is a difficult skill for deaf children and takes some practice.

She continued: “We were trying to teach him to blow into it, once he did, he couldn't stop laughing…

“This was the first time he had ever played with it but he likes it now and in order to preserve our sanity, I have to hide it.”