A video of newborn twins being bathed has gone viral. The French newborn nurse, Sonia Rochel, posted the video showing her using a technique, ‘Thalasso Baby Bath’, that is meant to mimic the environment inside the womb, making the babies believe that they haven’t been born yet.

The technique, Rochel says, was developed to help babies relax and ‘welcome them into the world’, using gentle water pressure and soft massage to ‘re-live’ those moments before birth.

The twins are bathed in warm water, clinging onto one another, with the water running over their noses and ears to simulate a gentle cranial massage. Cradled by the nurse, they are turned to and fro in the water, and are allowed to drift to sleep during the bath.

In an interview with Baby Sleep Advice, the nurse revealed her tips for bathing newborns, “My sleep advice would be … to bathe at night of course. To take a lot of time to bathe baby. We need to give baby to release the tension of the day. In two minutes it can't be done. We need to give baby the time to get rid of that tension in their body.”

The video has reached 32 million views, and has had a recent revival since its original posting in 2013.