It’s one of the first big decisions you’ll make as a new parent and you’ll want to get it right.

We’re talking of course about the baby name you choose for your little one. While some mums and dads spend months pouring over name lists and books others have it sorted from the moment they find out they are expecting.

From super-traditional to the latest celeb-inspired choice, what you decide to call your little one can reveal a lot about you.

Which baby name crew do you belong to?


This lot trawl through their family tree to find bygone names. Although these parents are sentimental about family, they’ll happily pass over Grandma Doris for distant cousin Ruby. It’s still a family name, right?

Most likely to name baby: Arthur or Beatrix

Least likely to say: “We’re thinking of Paris because it’s where we got engaged.”

What this choice says about you:  Siobhan Thomas, baby name expert and author of Best Baby Names for 2015, says parents who choose old-fashioned names are actually quite forward-thinking.

“They know their choice may prompt unsure reactions, but in most cases these names grow on friends and family, and the parents are soon congratulated,” she says.

Would you go for a classic name, like Charlotte or a more boho pick like, Wren?


Do you love the royal family and pore over pictures of Kate Middleton? Wills and Kate have influenced a whole generation of parents who are opting for classic names.

Most likely to name baby: George or Charlotte

Least likely to say: “I’m thinking outside the name book.”

What this choice says about you: You may be more conservative than you realise. Behavioural psychologist, Jo Hemmings says there’s a safety in a traditional name.

“It’s not desperately imaginative, but everyone’s going to accept it,” she says.

Best of all, while these names are popular now, they also won’t date.


For those obsessed with social media and have their finger on the pulse of the next coolest trend, their baby’s name must say ‘notice me’.

Most likely to name baby: Otis or Luna

Least likely to say: “But what if he gets teased at school?”

What this choice says about you: The implication with these names is that you move in cool, creative circles – whether you really do or not.

“These names are also a product of celebrity culture,” says Jo.

Is your bub a little trendsetter? A cool and possibly celeb-inspired name might be your pick.


Earthy names, such as River, Autumn and Echo, are the moniker of choice with parents who love the great outdoors and tend to make eco-friendly decisions when it comes to what they buy too.

Most likely to name baby: Moss or Wren

Least likely to say: “I’m asking my grandmother for her baby name suggestions.”

What this choice says about you: “You’re eco-friendly, laid-back and probably quite altruistic and spiritual,” says Jo.

“These names are partly popular now because we have such big environmental problems, so they appear to people with eco values.”


Move over Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – these days, parents using the Bible as a baby name book are favouring less familiar Hebrew names like Jonah and Zachariah, while Noah has been hovering around the top 10 boys’ names in recent years.

Most likely to name baby: Abel or Delilah

Least likely to say: “Actually, I think I’m going for Harper.”

What this choice says about you: “Referring to your bump as ‘Little Noah’ doesn’t guarantee church attendance.

“Christian parents are naturally drawn to the Bible, but there are plenty of non-religious people choosing biblical names just because they like the way they sound,” says Siobhan.