The day that your baby's babble turns into identifiable words is a huge landmark in their development. But what words will they say first?

The race is often on between mum and dad to see whose name gets said first, and what it may come down to is which one is easier for them to get out, and which one is said the most at home.

Repetition is the key to learning language for babies, which is why parents often learn exactly how many times they say "no!" in a day once their baby learns to speak.

For some parents, baby's learning to speak can also be an indication of just how much they swear when baby drops an s-bomb, in context at an inopportune time!

Babies will all learn to speak and get words out at their own pace, there is no set timeline, however most will begin to develop some language at around 11-14 months.

However they are learning long before that, so using repetitive language often, and from the very beginning will help determine just what the words your are that your baby comes out with when they're ready.

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Using songs, games and narrating life at home as clearly as possible with a simple vocabulary will set your little one up with a great understanding of words and what they mean.

While each child's vocabulary will vary from family to family, there are certain words that are commonly reported as baby's firsts and can be taught pretty easily in day-to-day life around the home.

We've gathered up 15 of the most common in the gallery below …