As a new parent, a snuggle on your lap with a book can be very soothing for both you and your baby.

Reading also helps develop a child’s ear for language and rhythm, aids future speech development, and encourages listening skills. With developing memory and understanding, a baby may start having favourite books.

All of this contributes to books being an ideal gift to give a new parent, or baby top start their collection of classics from very early on. Who wouldn’t want to be there person who gave a baby their favourite book, right?

Whether board, cloth, plastic or novelty (ie jigsaws or textures), the child in your life will love books that encourage joining in.

We’ve shared some of our favourite books and book gift sets to get a collection started in the gallery below …

Bedtime books are a great routine and a chance for snuggles and bonding.

10 of the best baby book gifts in Australia