Bounty Parents Marketplace Event: 9 brands to watch in the Bounty Baby Awards 2024

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Casual images of mum and toddler, mum, dad and toddler against the Bounty Parents Marketplace event media wall

Parents came, they saw and they took home some amazing baby products.

Earlier this year a host of mums-to-be, parents and little ones attended Bounty Parents Marketplace Event, ahead of the Bounty Baby Awards 2024.

The event showcased a range of brands and gave parents the opportunity to discover the latest baby gear entered into the Baby Awards while connecting with industry experts.

Parents were able to trial and review some amazing products from some of Australia’s leading parenting brands, including Curash, Bio Island, Tooshies, Little Étoile, Cetaphil and Huggies.

Scroll down to learn more about the products and see the little reel of some of the lovely parents, parents-to-be and kids who came along for the morning!

Images of mum and toddler, mum and dad and toddler, standing in front of the Bounty Parents media wall
The Bounty Marketplace was popular with parents and kids! (Image: Supplied)

As well as reviewing products on the day, attendees were also given a selection of goodies to trial (and keep!) at home.

Then, in return for offering their honest reviews on products, parents earnt Bounty Rewards points to spend in our Rewards Room!

Meet the brands who attended the Bounty Parents Marketplace Event…

Bio Island's display table at Bounty Parents Baby awards marketplace event

Bio Island

Bio Island has dedicated itself to the health and wellbeing of Australian parents and their kids for more than 15 years.

You can vote for the following Bio Island products in the Bounty Baby Awards:

“These [Bio Island] vitamins are suited for kids which is good to know when choosing vitamins. They have a fun fish shape and when you give them to your child you just twist or cut the tail off and squeeze onto a spoon or put into their food or drink. A fun way to take vitamins for the little ones. I would recommend the product & brand to others if they require to take these. I will definitely use these products when required.”

Jamaica (Marketplace Event guest)

Infa Group showing off the Leclerc stroller, Infa Secure car seats, and the Jiffle Wagon at the Bounty Baby Awards Marketplace event 2024

Infa Group

InfaSecure is an Australian Owned and Operated brand, committed to keeping children safe. The product range includes InfaSecure, Leclercbaby and the Jiffle wagon.

You can vote for the following products in the Bounty Baby Awards:

“I had to review this [car capsule] for the 2024 Bounty Baby Awards Marketplace Event. I thought [InfaSecure Adapt More] was great! It was of very high quality. I was really impressed by its Australia’s first and only tether base design … It has plenty of storage and is very compatible. It has so many great functions as well. You could take this anywhere and be very happy with it. Children would be so comfortable in this. I would definately recommend this product”


Little Etoile Care products at the Bounty Baby Awards Marketplace event 2024

Little Étoile Baby Care

Driven by over 20+ years of scientific and pharmaceutical expertise, Little Étoile provides what they believe to be the crème de la crème of early life nutritional and topical care, helping to keep our little étoiles happy, healthy, and shining bright from inside and out!​

You can vote for the following Little Etoile products in the Bounty Baby Awards:

“I am a big fan of pumps as they are easy to use and there is no mess. The product [SwimProtect 1-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash] was well labelled. I was impressed they supported the eczema association. The pictures were very cute. I also liked the tagline of Healthy, Happy and Bright. The pump was very well made and of high quality. The wash was a nice light blue, clear colour. It had a nice scent to it. It came out of the pump really well. It worked really well. The skin and hair was so clean. I am a big fan of combined shampoo and body wash products as you don’t have to use two products, it’s all in one. An excellent product.”

Bernadette (Marketplace Event guest)

Cetaphil products on show at the Bounty Baby Awards Marketplace event 2024

Cetaphil Baby

Cetaphil Baby is specifically formulated for healthy baby skin development. The product range includes key ingredients and botanicals to offer the needed support and protection for infant skin needs to grow strong. The Cetaphil Baby range has tear free formulations, is mineral oil, soap and paraben free and is hypoallergenic.

You can vote for the following Cetaphil Baby products in the Bounty Baby Awards:

“Have been using this product [Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash & Shampoo] for quite some time as it helps to not cause irritation to sensitive little bodies. It is great that it can be used on both hair and body and the product lasts a long while as a little is enough to lather up and use for one. I have used it as well quite a number of times as I like the gentleness of the product with its pleasant smell and soft feel. It’s honestly good for the entire family. The pump makes it easy to get the required amount of product without much wastage”


Curash's display table at Bounty Parents Baby awards marketplace event


Developed in the 1980s, Curash is one of Australia’s leading baby care brands. Curash have developed an expert range of products to help cleanse, soothe, heal and protect your little one’s skin from head to toe.

You can vote for the following Curash products in the Bounty Baby Awards

“We all know that babies can create a mess so easily. So I always love to keep a baby water wipe handy – especially when I am travelling. Curash Simple Water Baby wipes contains 99% water. I love the fact that its soap and paraben free. Our baby’s skin is sensitive so having this product is just so safe and gentle on them. Love the price point. Super easy packaging with a flip to open and close the product making sure that the wipes do not get dry over a period of time. It is light weight too making them portable.” 


Tooshies products on show at the Bounty Baby Awards Marketplace event 2024


tooshies make eco nappies & wipes that really work. tooshies nappies are made from sustainably sourced, plant-based materials like organic bamboo. With organic ingredients and a plant-based textured cloth, tooshies wipes are 100% plastic free, non toxic and biodegradable.

You can vote for the following tooshies products in the Bounty Baby Awards:

“These nappies [tooshies ECO Nappies with Organic Bamboo] are very soft and I love the cute pattern. I will admit though I was very skeptical at first about how much they would hold, because of how thin they seemed. To my suprise and relief they seem to work well, and we haven’t had any of the leaks we experienced with other brands now that my 1-month old is sleeping longer stretches overnight (I cannot confirm their 12-hour claim is accurate, but they still seem to be going strong after 5-6 hours).” 


Huggies 99% Water Biodegradable on show at the Bounty Baby Awards Marketplace event 2024


Huggies is an integral part of every new baby and new parents life. The Australian College of Midwives endorses Huggies® Nappies and Huggies® Baby Wipes as the preferred choice for baby, with Huggies Newborn & Infant nappies remaining the number one choice for Australian hospitals.

You can vote for the following Huggies products in the Bounty Baby Awards:

“Huggies wipes have never disappointed us! We have been using them for years now – our eldest is 3 and youngest 1. We use them for everything, wiping hands and changing nappies and cleaning up messy eating. They are so well hydrated, which makes it reassuring that their little hands and bottoms don’t get dried out or irritated. They’re soft and gentle. When they’re on sale, it makes the price more affordable. They are definitely our choice around the house. Have bought some for friends who have agreed they are really good for cleaning all sorts of mess.” 


Bounty Bags and their products on a display table Bounty Parents' annual awards Marketplace event

Bounty Bags

The reach of the Bounty Bags sampling program is unrivalled, reaching over 480,000 pregnant women and new mothers every year – this is 80% of all pregnant women and new mums!

The Bounty sampling program is comprised of two bags:

  • The New Parent bag reaches new mothers within 48 hours of having their baby through hospital nationally.
  • The Parent-To-Be bag reaches pregnant women at 12-14 weeks of pregnancy through hospitals, obstetricians and ultrasound clinics around Australia.

Bounty Baby Awards 2024

Vote now for your chance to win a prize pack valued at $2,500. Voting closes on Sunday 14 July. Winners will be announced on Monday 22 July, 2024.

Purple awards rosette that reads: 2024 Bounty Baby Awards Vote Now

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