The 5 Aussie road trips to do with kids, according to this adventure-loving family

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The Blonde Nomads packed up their life in Sydney and hit the road!

By Tracy Morris from The Blonde Nomads

Adventure is in our blood! Even before we started a family, Rob and I travelled all over the world, from backpacking in Southeast Asia, touring India, and camping on a safari in Africa.

As we both grew up camping with our families, the call to be in nature is strong for us. We’ve had many homes on wheels throughout the years, which allowed us to embrace the great outdoors and explore our amazing country.

We are originally from Sydney, a city that is getting busier by the day. And as we settled into family life, we knew the fast-paced 9 to 5 ‘hamster wheel’ thing wasn’t for us.

Tracy and her family toured Australia for two-and-a-half years.

Rob was feeling both physically and mentally pressured to keep our family afloat in the rat race while I was looking after the kid’s full time. That’s what made us decide to strip it all back, sell our house and most of our possessions, lose the mortgage and live a slower, simpler life on the road with four-year-old Marli and two-year-old Ziggy.

We love the feeling of not being tied to anything and being able to ‘run our own race’. We lived this way touring Australia for two-and-a-half years and have only recently decided to pull up and create a home base and set down a few ‘roots’ in the beautiful Port Stephens region.

Pulling up stops on our van life gave us an exciting chance, now that the kids are a little older, to explore more cultures overseas and embrace the amazing opportunities that our adventure blog provided.

We work as content creators, sharing our adventures, videos, and photos of the incredible places we visit, such as Japan, Fiji, and the South Pacific.

(Image: Blonde Nomads)

Life on the road with four-year-old Marli and two-year-old Ziggy.

The Blondies top five Aussie Road Trips

The Dampier Peninsula, North of Broome, WA                                                 

This place is a MUST-SEE. With an abundance of wide-open spaces, rich red pindan dirt, giant baobab trees and a variety of unique experiences, both with the local indigenous and wildlife, you will no doubt leave with a bunch of dusty red clothes and a bit of Kimberley magic imprinted on your heart.

(Image: Blonde Nomads)

The Blonde Nomads call North of Broome a must-see destination.

Yeppoon to Rockhampton, Qld 

The Capricorn region has it all! It’s the perfect place to explore, from stunning cave systems and prehistoric discoveries to beachside campfires, pristine coral reefs, and up-close wildlife encounters.

South Coast of NSW

Visit Jervis Bay with the famous Hyams Beach! A two-hour drive further South will have you hand-feeding wild stingrays in Bendalong. The vibrant colours of the turquoise water and red rocks surrounding Pambula and Merimbula will knock your socks off.

And to top it all off camping under the stars at Potato Point right next to the ocean is a must.

(Image: Blonde Nomads)

The Australian coastline is home to stunning beaches.

Cape Tribulation and Port Douglas, Qld 

Enjoy the drive as you pass by rolling hills and sugar cane fields before embarking on the Daintree Ferry to cross to the north side of the Daintree River. Visiting the Daintree rainforest, which is the oldest rainforest system in the world is an amazing experience, and let’s not forget a visit out to dive or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.

Port Stephens, NSW (how could we not include our hometown) 

Port Stephens is a playground full of natural beauty and adventure activities. Visit the largest moving dunes in the Southern Hemisphere, meet a koala and swim with wild dolphins.

(Image: Blonde Nomads)

Tracy and her family packed up their life in Sydney and left to explore Australia.

Tips and tricks for travelling with kids

Be well prepared. So often, kids will say that they’re hungry when they’re just bored on a road trip. So don’t forget to pack loads of snacks as it will help to keep them occupied throughout the drive.

Some of our go-to snacks are nuts, boiled eggs (let them peel it themselves), fruit and wraps. We pop them in the kids Thermos® FUNainer® Food Jar; they keep contents cool for up to 7 hours, and hot for 5 hours!

Water is also a must to keep everyone hydrated! The secret to having it cool and fresh for hours is our ​​770ml Thermos® Vacuum Insulated Hydration Bottle. It keeps water cool for up to 18 hours and is the perfect essential to pack with you when hitting the open road.

(Image: Blonde Nomads)

A Thermos bottle keeps water cool for up to 18 hours and is one of Tracy’s on-the-road essentials.

Having a few activities onboard to help pass the time is a good idea and ensure you don’t jam too much into your day. It’s also fun to let the kids get involved in your plans, so they know what to expect.

Remember that for them, it’s also about the journey and not just the destination.

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