Rolling, showing emotions, mental leaps and creating a sleep routine

Roll over

Your baby is discovering how much her body can do for her. You may be struck by her strength and trunk control as she starts to master rolling over. She can now sit propped up for longer periods of time, and may even try to sit up by herself.

Mental leaps

Your baby may show a big mental leap that accompanies her growing hand dexterity as she can concentrate and hold onto objects better. Her hand-eye coordination is sharper and she swipes and grasps successfully at mobiles and activity gyms. If she manages to get a grip, she'll try to pull herself forwards.

She's also now observing cause and effect. For example, she may begin to understand that a ball moves when it's rolled. You'll notice the same theory at work when she cries to get your attention.

Your baby's hand-eye coordination improves this month. (Image: Getty Images)

Showing emotions

By five months your baby shows a strong attachment to you by raising her arms when she wants to be picked up and crying when you leave the room. She will also begin to giggle at silly faces, funny sounds or games of peek-a-boo.

Sleep routine

During the day, your baby will have a morning and an afternoon nap. At night, your little one may or may not be sleeping through the night.

If you haven't already, you might like to establish a bedtime routine. Start with a bath, followed by cuddle and song or story. Watch for sleepy cues, and pop your baby into their cot when they are drowsy, rather than asleep, so she learns to soothe herself to sleep.