10 Questions Every Pregnant Mum of Triplets Gets Asked

Let me start by saying that I’m not easily offended; actually, it’s pretty hard to offend me, so this post is just for laughs. I just think it’s hilarious what some people (strangers) ask you when they find out you’re pregnant with triplets.

Here are the TOP 10 Questions I’ve been asked (by strangers) after they found out I was pregnant with triplets!

1. “So, was it IVF?”

Straight up, no preface of “I hope this isn’t too personal, but…” – just straight out with it!

I’m not sure I’d ask a friend this question unless the situation was right, let alone a total stranger, but I guess people are interested!

The funny thing is that a very small percentage of assisted pregnancies results in triplets or more, so it’s funny that they don’t ask this same question to people who are expecting just one baby as they would probably get a yes answer more often!

Oh, and my other personal favourite, “So are they natural?”. Hmmm… I didn’t realise that IVF babies weren’t natural!

2. “OMG! What on earth are you going to do?”

Well, I guess I’m going to have three babies at the same time, that’s what I understand having triplets means! Am I wrong? Or do you mean how am I going to cope with three? And in that case, the answer is, like anyone would in the situation. We’re going to have the babies, soak up the experience and figure it out as we go along.

3. “What did you do when you found out? I would have died!”

Well, thankfully I didn’t die. I did however cry for 48 hours – which is totally unlike me. I think it was so overwhelming I just didn’t know how else to react.

I was lucky that my husband Rob had come with me to the appointment. We actually went in for an early scan as I thought something may have gone wrong with the pregnancy, so Rob joined me in case we were going to receive bad news.

Walking in with the thought of loosing one baby and walking out with the knowledge that there were actually three hearts beating was just too much.

After the initial shock, we have just grown more and more in love with these babies in my belly everyday and cant wait to meet them and watch them grow.

4. “Oh wow, do triplets run in your family?”

Well, by the time they’re 18 months old, I think they’ll be running around a lot. But seriously, no.

Triplets don’t run in anyone’s family. In Australia, the chances of having triplets is around 1 in 9,000, so it’s very unlikely that you’ll find any family where there are multiple sets of triplets.

5. “Did you plan to have triplets?!”

Yes! Actually, we placed an order at the baby show for three.

Um… No.

I don’t think anyone “plans” to have triplets, it’s just something that happens to some very lucky people!

Its funny, even my obstetrician when she saw the three babies for the first time he sat us down and said, “Look, no one ever wants to have triplets, but if you’re going to have them, the ones that you have (all separate placentas) are the ones that you want!”

I’m sure she meant to be supportive.

6. “Did you know you were having three?”

I don’t know if its possible to know this before your scan, but I could be wrong.

The truth is, I had never even considered having triplets, the thought had never crossed my mind!

Twins on the other hand, I always thought I would have LOVED twins, but honestly had never considered the possibility of triplets.

7. “You don’t look that BIG for triplets, shouldn’t you be bigger?”

It’s funny how people perceive how you should or shouldn’t look in pregnancy. No two people are the same when they’re pregnant, some struggle to put on weight, some to take it off.

Some days I can be told I look huge or tiny, multiple times. I tell you what though, all I know is how I feel, and I feel HUGE.

31 weeks pregnant with triplets | Image via Instagram @Zee_Plus_Three

I was measuring bigger at 28 weeks than I was when I was 41 weeks with our first son.

I’ve put on more than 17 kilos in the past 12 weeks (which is 30% of my bodyweight) and I’m so big I need help getting off the couch and taking my jeans off – and if something requires me getting down on the floor – forget about it!

8. “Are you terrified?”

No, should I be?

Are triplets like mini blood-sucking vampires? God, I hope not.

In all honesty, yes, having triplets is a little bit scary, mainly because of the unknown. I don’t know how it’s all going to pan out, so until we get there and are experiencing it, I’m choosing not to freak myself out.

We’re just going to have to wait and see! After all, they’re just babies, how hard can it be? 🙂

9. "How are they all going to fit inside you?"

The wonders of the human body. I don’t know exactly how they’ll fit, but I’m sure they’ve fitted inside smaller bodies than mine.

I think it’s a bit like the goldfish theory. A gold fish will only grow as big as his or her environment. I don’t imagine we’ll be having 4.5kg babies like our toddler, Zee, but I’m hoping we can get as close to 2kgs each if we make it to 34 weeks (which is considered full terms for triplets!)

10. "Did you have to have sex three times in one night?"

Yes, that’s exactly how you have triplets. Go and have another beer.

But seriously, if you have any questions you want answered, feel free to ask me anything in the comments below! I won’t bite!

Emily is a wife, mother, brand strategist, entrepreneur, amateur photographer and now blogger! She has a beautiful 21-month-old boy, Xavier (aka Zee), and is pregnant with triplets. Visit Emily at her blog, Zee Plus Three or join her on Facebook.