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The Milton 2 in 1 Combi Steriliser is one of our new generation of sterilisers, which can sterilise using either the microwave or cold water method. The Combi is designed to be quick and easy to use, keep baby safe and give all new parents complete peace-of-mind.

Key features:

  • Unique Safety Vent Technology – an innovative pop-up safety vent allows some pressure to form inside the combi unit. When enough steam is generated, the vent pops up to gently release the pressure. This means more heat is created inside the Combi which, in turn, means better sterilisation and maximum protection for your baby.
  • Fast and easy – the Combi sterilises in just 2 minutes in the microwave or 15 minutes with cold water. Stays sterile for longer – whether you use the cold water or microwave method, you can be sure the contents stay sterile for 24 hours – either kept in the Milton Sterilising Solution or left in the unopened microwaved Milton Combi.
  • Spill Free – no risk of spillages in your kitchen.
  • Strong carry handle – so it’s portable and easy to move around the kitchen.
  • Dual Method (2 in 1) Microwave or Cold Water Steriliser
  • Holds 5 wide neck bottles of any brand
  • Takes 2 minutes in microwave to sterilise
  • 15 minute cold water sterilisation
  • Unique safety vent technology to increase the temperature inside for better sterilisation
  • Unique pop up vent making it spill free
  • BPA Free
  • Contents can remain sterile for up to 24 hours
  • Strong carry handles
  • Can fit into all microwaves
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