BABYSTUDIO Warmies Sleeping Bag with Legs

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The BABYSTUDIO Warmies Sleeping Bag with Legs is the perfect solution for your Infant/Toddler who doesn’t like to be confined by the traditional sleepbag. Warmies have been designed as a 2.5 TOG (sleeveless) and a 3.0 TOG (with sleeves) to allow for all year around wear. With generous body and leg space to allow for easy access for nappy changing this is the perfect sleeping garment for baby. As baby moves through their key developmental milestones, knees pads and foot grips have been included to support crawling, standing and walking and 2 ways zips have been included to help support learning to undress and dress themselves. Warmies are also perfect for outdoor play or rugging up when on the go. Warmies: we have all sleepers covered.

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