No matter how old you are, it’s easy to spend hours stuck in a YouTube hole watching viral video after viral video. And while there’s plenty of content out there for grown ups, what about the kids?

Thankfully, there are a plethora of YouTube channels dedicated to entertaining and educating young minds. We’ve rounded up the best ones that parents and children alike will love, whether they’re tiny tots or approaching their teenage years.

We’ve found the best child-friendly YouTube channels. (Image: Getty Images)

Infants and toddlers

Little Baby Bum

With heaps of bright 3D animations, this is your go-to channel when you need a nursery rhyme singalong. There are songs for every situation including spooky Halloween themed ones and festive Christmas ones, take a listen here.

Fun Toyz Collector

If you’re wondering what to get your kids for Christmas or their birthdays, this is the channel for you. One woman reviews toys ranging from Disney to Claymation and it’s clearly a hit, the mystery woman was reportedly the highest YouTube earner of 2014 and made nearly $5 million just by opening and playing with toys. Check her out in action here.

Sesame Street

This classic show has been on the air since 1969 and now its catchy songs and skits are online too for your little ones to get involved with. Join Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and more including plenty of celebrity guests by checking out their channel here.

Even the little ones can get involved! (Image: Getty Images)


The Wiggles

Join Emma, Lachy, Simon and Anthony along with all their friends for nursery rhymes, songs and even dance along at Emma’s Bowtiful Ballet Studio. You can even watch their shows online if you missed out on tickets to their live shows. Check them all out here.

Peppa Pig

It seems like every child has an obsession with Peppa Pig so why not check her out on YouTube? With over six million subscribers, it’s certainly a popular channel and you can watch full episodes featuring Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig here.

Super Simple Songs

The title gives it away but your kids will love singing along and watching these cute and catchy tunes ranging from the classic If You’re Happy And You Know It to the song of the year Baby Shark, which we apologise in advance for getting stuck in your head. See them all here.

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Ages 5-9

LEGO Discover

LEGO is always fun (except when you step on a block) and their YouTube channel is testament to that. Not only can you learn how to build certain structures, but there are also informative videos on things like how far it is to the moon and how cars work and move. Learn more here.

Smart Girls

The great thing about this channel based on the programme started by funny lady Amy Poehler, is that girls and boys no matter what their age can have fun…even into adulthood! You can do everything from learn maths tips to how to make glitter slime here.


Seven kids from the US and UK ranging from ages 8-12 follow a different theme for each week and take part in a host of activities from making their own DIY tie-dye creations to imagining their future careers. Get to know them here.

Love LEGO? You can learn more about it on YouTube. (Image: Getty Images)

Pre-teens (10+)


Ever wondered what really killed the dinosaurs? Or if there will ever be a cure for the common cold? For all you inquisitive kids (and adults) out there, check out the videos on SciShow that delve into those scientific questions you’ve always wanted the answers to. Take a squizz at all of them here.


If you’re a fan of family reality videos, family safe staged pranks, comedy skits and challenges, check out this channel featuring one girl and her dad for a laugh and some prank-spiration! Younger kids may get a little scared by some of these so if you think you can handle it, have a look here.

Horrible Histories

The British TV series showcases the best of the worst moments of history from the Ancient Greeks through to the Second World War. These skits aren’t just funny and catchy, but you’ll learn something too. We bet they’ll be rattling off fun facts for ages after watching a few of these, see them here.