By Tiffiny Hall, TIFFXO

2020 hasn’t just been the year of working from home, it’s also been the year of working out from home. And with uncertainty around what the fitness industry will look like in the near future, this could be the new norm.

On the bright side, there are heaps of benefits to this: no commute to the gym, privacy in your own home, no pricey gym memberships, and nothing to feel self conscious about – I for one love working out in my pyjamas!

But with the availability of exercise equipment in stores being scarce, and the value of these items second hand sky rocketing due to high demand, acquiring a set of dumbbells to smash out your bicep curls is shaping up to be a little more challenging than expected.

So as we’re all looking for suitable – and affordable – alternatives, here’s how you can make working out at home work for you.

Firstly, join an online workout program so you have something to follow. This will take out the guesswork, keep you motivated and continue to challenge and get you results. But be sure to choose one that doesn’t require a gym.

My TIFFXO online fitness program is the perfect place to start. I’ve got coached video workouts (all home-friendly) mapped out for you in a weekly planner so that all you have to do is press play. There’s something different every day, plus delicious meal plans and mindfulness to keep you on track.

Now for the equipment dilemma. It’s time to get creative – you’ve got a home, you’ve got a gym! I guarantee, everything you need will be lying around the house.

These alternatives below are as effective as the real thing and they won’t cost a cent …

“I for one love working out in my pyjamas!”

Kettlebells: Get ready to do a wok-out! Woks and heavy pots are perfect replacements for kettlebells. If you have something cast iron, even better. Try it out with kettlebell swings, rows, and even weighted glute bridges.

Dumbbells: Cans! Soup cans, tomato cans, fruit cans – you can use whatever’s collecting dust at the back of your pantry. Go for higher reps to make up for lighter weight, and sub in larger cans when you need something heavier. Another option is drink bottles (filled with water or dirt).

Foam roller: A rolled up towel is the perfect stand in as a foam roller. Roll two towels for greater range when stretching. My favourite stretch is to lie on my back so that the towel is running vertically down my spine and place my arms to the side to open my chest.

Gym bench: Ottomans or side tables always do the trick. They’re perfect for performing tricep dips, glute bridges, bulgarian split squats and the likes! I even use a sturdy side table to perform reverse hyper spread eagles and decline pushups.

WATCH: Tiffiny Hall’s Booty Building Workout. Continues after video …

Sliders: Open up your tea towel draw and meet your new set of sliders! These paired with a slippery tiled or hardwood floor, and your possibilities are endless. If you have carpet, plastic plates or magazines will do the trick! Try mountain climbers and pikes to give it a go.

Mini bands: I love using mini bands in my workouts to help activate the right muscles. An easy alternative is to use a pair of old leggings, tights or pantyhose tied in a knot. These will provide the right amount of feedback in order to engage certain muscles. For example, try wrapping them around your legs just above your knees to activate your glutes in squats, glute bridges and lateral walks.

Yoga blocks: I use a pile of books to provide a greater range of motion in moves such as rainbow kicks and fire hydrants (simply place them under your supporting knee) or as extra support during a yoga session.