In February this early, former Today Show newsreader Sylvia Jeffreys and her husband, journalist Peter Stefanovic, 38 welcomed their first child, a baby boy called, Oscar.

Sylvia announced the news on Instagram, writing: “Our beautiful boy, Oscar Hamilton Stefanovic 💙 3.4kg, deep blue eyes and perfectly healthy. He’s absolute magic.”

Over the past six months, the 34-year-old newsreader has been keeping us updated via social media on her new role as a mum and she has also opened up about what it has been like having a newborn in the middle of a global pandemic.

In a heartwarming message to her 245,000 Instagram followers in March, Sylvia reached out to new mothers who might be feeling disconnected due to mothers groups and social gatherings being cancelled amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“While it’s a good time to be living in a little 💓 bubble with nowhere to go, I’m conscious of the confusion and anxiety that many new mums might be feeling right now,” Sylvia wrote, alongside a beautiful selfie alongside her baby boy, Oscar.

“Mother’s groups – a social lifeline for many – have been cancelled, libraries closed, cafes are being avoided. So I just wanted to send some love and virtual hugs to other mamas out there who might be feeling extra isolated. Drop a comment below if you want to connect, chat about reflux, LOL about 💩namis, recommend some bingeworthy series, or share your sleep secrets. Let’s chat and be kind and stay connected. Big love, from us 💓 #togetherathome.”

Now, six months on from Oscar’s arrival, Sylvia is ready to return to breakfast television alongisde, David Campbell on Today Extra.

Yesterday, Sylvia shared a sweet image of herself cuddled up to Oscar and said she’s looking forward to going back to work.

“Six months of slow mornings with my little mate have come to an end. I know everyone says it but I honestly don’t know where that time has gone,” she begins the post.

“I’m so happy though to be starting my day with my other, less spewy but arguably more mischievous mate @davidcampbell73 as I head back to #TodayExtra tomorrow morning.”

To start, Sylvia will co-host Today Extra three mornings a week (Belinda Russell, her maternity leave cover, will continue to co-host on Thursdays and Fridays) until Oscar is a little older.

“And even better, I get to share hosting duties with the delightful @belinda.russell who’ll be at the desk on Thursdays and Fridays while my little family finds its new rhythm. Now, let’s see if this live tv bizzo is just like riding a bike.”

“Six months of slow mornings with my little mate have come to an end.”

Sylvia’s post was met with an outpouring of support from her Today Extra co-host and many of her mama friends in the television business.

“I can’t promise I won’t spew with excitement,” wrote David Campbell.

“You’ll smash it! Being at work is like a little holiday!” shared mum-of-two Sarah Harris.

New mama Natalia Cooper wrote: “Can’t wait to see your beautiful face on the tele! Have a wonderful first day back mama xxx”

While Sunrise newsreader Natalie Barr commented: “Good luck new mumma. Another new chapter begins. 💕Nat”

This morning, Sylvia was back in the hosting seat. Alongside a selfie of herself and David Campbell she wrote:

“Hello studio lights and makeup and nice, clean clothes. And @davidcampbell73!!! I’ve missed you all.”

In an interview with Sunday Life magazine, Sylvia recently opened up about how she felt about returning to work.

Working mothers often experience “a sense of guilt for not being able to give 100 per cent to any one thing at any one time. It’s irrational but it’s very hard to overcome because you want to be everything you can at work but you want to give 100 per cent as a mum,” she told the magazine.

Reflecting on motherhood, Sylvia says she has an immense feeling of love and gratitude.

“It feels like someone has struck a match in my heart,” she says of motherhood. “Like everything is on fire, it is so strong and overwhelming. I cry at the drop of a hat, and not from sadness, but this immense feeling of love and gratitude. The consequences of everything I do are not just on me now, they are on him.”