Sophie Monk has never been shy about talking about her dreams of motherhood. The former Bachelorette even tried her hand at finding love in the Bachie Mansion to boost that dream along.

Now the 40-year-old, who has been in a loving long-term relationship with her “best friend”, Joshua Gross for the last two years has revealed that she’s ready to give that dream a little nudge again.

On Wednesday the Bardot star revealed her plans to ramp up her dreams of having a baby during a webinar with Monash IVF, who helped the blonde beauty freeze her eggs back in 2018.

Sophie Monk is in love and ready to become a mother.

Sophie explained that while she always imagined that she would be a mother one day, her busy lifestyle and schedule meant that it didn’t pan out that way … yet.

“You always think ‘oh it’ll happen” and you’ll meet the right person,” the Date Movie actress confessed.

“So I never really worried about it and I kind of hit 30 and I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m still cool’ and then I blinked and I was nearly 40 and I was like, ‘Oh, God’ and before you know it time’s gone.”

Sophie’s decision to freeze her eggs two years ago has proven to be a positive move for the former Australia’s Got Talent judge.

“It’s just peace of mind me knowing it’s there, it’s taken enormous pressure off me. You’ve got to have the right partner. In the future I’d like to do [embryo freezing].”

Sophie and Joshua Gross moved into together shortly after they began dating in 2018.

After struggling with severe pain due to endometriosis, the decision to freeze her eggs was a no-brainer for Queensland-born star.

Speaking with Body & Soul at the time, Sophie said: “My motto is: if you can put out a fire before it starts, then do it. That’s why I recently had my eggs frozen. I’d like to start a family one day but you never know what’s around the corner, so I did it to prevent trouble down the track. I’m fortunate enough that I could afford to have it done.”

She went to explain that her endometriosis diagnosis was a result of her egg-freezing decision, so the choice to  retrieve her eggs had more benefits than she could have imagined.

“I’d experienced severe period pain for about 20 years and had been in and out of hospital for it, but nobody could ever find the cause. When I saw my doctor about freezing my eggs, he suggested it might be endometriosis – I was actually relieved.”

Sophie shared videos of her egg retrieval process with her fans, writing: “@monashivf you’ve treated me so kindly. I can’t thank you enough,” and also joked, “A lil high still.”

Speaking to her fans in a series of Instagram videos at the time of her egg retrieval, Sophie said: “So for anyone thinking about freezing their eggs like me for preventative or medical reasons, I’ve got to say I had no side effects whatsoever, I know every woman is different but I had Mum inject me, didn’t I Mum?”

The camera then turns to her mum Sandi, who was there to support Sophie in the process.

In another video, Sophie shared a clip of her groggy self reacting to the news that 13 eggs had been collected.

“That’s more than the follicles!” Sophie exclaims in the clip.

She revealed in her caption that she had 12 follicles and that her doctor was hoping for eight eggs to be collected so the news came as a happy surprise. Particularly as the amount is “over a carton.”

We can’t wait to see how this all turns out for the Aussie starlet. Good luck!