What baby names are set to rocket to the top of the popularity polls in 2022?

While the year is still in it’s early days, US expert baby naming website, Nameberry knows which baby names are trending.

Nameberry co-founder, Pamela Redman says already some naming categories pulling ahead in 2022.

“We are seeing so many mythological names for girls becoming popular, from lots of different cultures,” she explains.

“It’s a way for parents to choose a feminine name with deep history and power that steps apart from the standard complement of girls’ names.”

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As for boys’ names, Pamela says we will see a mix of traditional and unexpected names.

“Of course there will always be parents who choose traditional family names like William or John for their sons,” says Pamela. “But beyond those we see people looking for boys’ names that have deep history but that also break the classic masculine mould.”

Check out the gallery below for the top 10 trending boys’ and girls’ names for 2022.

Trending baby girl names

Trending baby boy names