Mother, actress, musician, TV presenter, Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Nat Bass) is a one of Australia’s most popular entertainers.

Two years ago the mum-of-two and former Neighbours star hit reset on her life.

Natalie, 45, her musician husband Cameron McGlinchey and their children, Harper, 10, and Hendrix, 8, moved from Melbourne to a property near Byron Bay.

“I’d done a retreat up here four years ago and just had this overwhelming feeling that we needed to move here,” the former judge and mentor from The X Factor Australia told WHO earlier this year.

“Then, six months before COVID-19 hit, we did it.”

Natalie Bassingthwaighte with her husband and two children, Hendrix and Harper.

Now the Aussie icon is turning her attention to the environment, to help build awareness around household food waste.

“Since becoming a mum, I have been so aware of how much waste our family makes collectively. And whilst I can’t change the entire world, I can change my own, and that starts in my home, with my family,” she explains.

“I’ve been looking for ways to help make micro changes that add up to powerful and positive impacts. From storing my produce in The Swag so that they last longer, to composting and replacing single use plastics with non-toxic reusable items, I know I’m making a difference to this planet and leaving behind a legacy I would want my children to be proud of and follow in their own way. Even just one step at a time.”

Natalie says education is key when it comes to encouraging her kids to be eco-conscious.

“The more we teach them about our planet and the issues we are facing long term the easier it is for them to understand that they can play a part in changing the world. I start the conversation when and wherever I can,” she says.

“When I shop at the markets or the grocery store, I explain why we don’t use plastic bags and why we need to be responsible for our own storage and packaging. The more they know, the more they can do to help our planet! Oh and David Attenborough is a big help!”

Natalie Bassingthwaite’s top five handbag essentials 

1. My glasses
“Ha! I am finding it very hard to see without them these days.”

2. A reusable, plastic-free water bottle
“I like the stainless steel ones, they keep water nice and cold!”

3. A reusable coffee cup.

4. Snacks
“Some snacks so I don’t grab something from a store that’s usually filled with sugar and wrapped in plastic.”

5. The Swag produce bags
“You can use them for everything! Not just produce! Storing makeup (great for keeping brushes clean and in one place), they’re also good for snacks, or just having one spare so if you have to grab some produce on the way home, they are big enough to store a few fruits and veggies!”

Natalie is an ambassador for The Swag Bag.