There’s no doubt many of us are struggling through this challenging time. While our worries and concerns are different for every family and every household, there is a group that’s going a little stir crazy at the moment.

Put your hands up mum and dads of little ones who struggling to make this transition into self-isolation as easy as possible? Oh, and especially if you’re also trying to work from home.

Cue: Hands being raised across Australia and the world.

Thankfully, these ‘Super Mum’ hacks and smart buys (available from Big W) are exactly what you need to get you through this challenging time, one day at a time.

Maths class but make it fun

While you’re all at home, it’s important to establish some kind of a routine. Help remind your children that daily chores are still on the agenda but that they can be fun! So grab a Dry Erase Board, some Monopoly money and some tasty snacks and get those kiddies working for their math class – trading chores for treats!


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Time to get arty

Whether you’re a rookie or a WFH veteran, creating structure and ensuring productivity is important. Setting up a space in your home where you exclusively work, and commit to working from each day, will make you more productive. So now you have found somewhere quiet, with a door and the least amount of distractions (including mess), grab some tape and large pieces of chalk and get the kids creative flares sparked with a DIY art class.

Get up and get active

While Super Mum’s navigate the new world of isolation and working alongside their kids 24/7, it’s still important to keep moving and remain active. While you may love going for a run or setting up some time for a yoga sesh, watch the kids stay active and learn how to ride a bike, sharing a little #fitspo-lation to other mum’s these holidays.

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Screen time meets English lesson

It is important to plan your daily breaks when WFH. With kids needing to be constantly entertained, fed and watered – even Mum needs a break sometimes. Sitting the kids in front of the TV whilst you take some time out never felt so educational (and entertaining) – simply switch on the mute button and chuck on some subtitles. Welcome to Mum’s English class kids!

Genius idea, right!?