Kylie Jenner has come under fire from her followers after she shared a series of images to Instagram of her two-year-old daughter, Stormi wearing a pair of large, gold hoop earrings that read ‘Stormi’ in the centre.

The make-up mogul, captioned the series of images: “Go best friend”.

While the tot does look adorable, many people were quick to express their concern over the hoop earrings not being age appropriate for a toddler.

“Imagine putting heavy gold hoops in your BABIES ears. Yikes,” commented one fan.

“She does not look cute with those on. Dress her like a toddler,” wrote a follower.

“Who puts earrings like that on a baby,” questioned another.

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Fans were quick to slam Kylie for allowing her daughter to wear these gold hoop earrings.

Stormi has had her ears pierced since she was at least five-months-old.

Others were more concerned about Stormi’s safety.

“Hoops in a baby’s ears?? Cute until she pulls one and rips her little lobe open,” one fan warned.

“Hoop earrings… I’m not a hater but I must say that is dangerous at that age,” wrote another.

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Many fans were concerned the earrings could cause Stormi injury if they were pulled out.

Earrings aside, the toddler looked adorable in a white tank, baggy shorts and pair of Nike trainers.

There were some fans who loved Stormi’s look and called for people to let Kylie dress her daughter however she chooses.

‘Her hair and earrings 😭😍 this is too much for my little heart,” one follower commented.

“Just worry about yourself. This should not bother you in anyway. She’s not your child. Ugh. There are more parent police than real police nowadays.” said another fan.

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The 22-year-old billionaire is known for going all out for her daughter, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Recently, she hosted two extravagant parties in Stormi’s honour. The first to celebrate the launch of the Stormi Collection, a collaboration between Kylie Cosmetics and the two-year-old.

The other celebration was for Stormi’s second birthday.

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