The first-of-its kind nappy helping to protect newborn skin against irritation

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Huggies nappy

A nappy with a zinc-enriched layer? Genius!

With baby skin up to 30 per cent thinner than adult skin, parents and will go to great lengths to protect it from irritation.

“The environment in a nappy is the perfect recipe for skin irritation, which can be distressing for babies and make nappy changes uncomfortable,” explains paediatric skin dermatologist, Dr Deshan Sebaratnam.

“Dermatologists have been using zinc-based barrier creams for decades to help protect baby’s skin from irritation, as well as help re-establish the barrier function of the skin.”

New research polling 1,000 Australian parents with children aged 0-5 years old finds baby skin irritation, such as nappy rash, is the number one concern for almost two in three (62%) parents, followed by sleeping (53%) and feeding (49%).

The research also reveals the majority (86%) of Aussie parents have experienced skin irritation with their newborn.

Huggies newborn nappy
In an Australian-first Huggies have launched a new nappy with a zinc-enriched layer. (Image: Huggies)

In an Australian-first, HUGGIES® has revolutionised the nappy category with a first-of-its-kind innovation – a nappy that actively helps protects baby’s delicate skin with a zinc-enriched layer, a feature that no other nappy has, in addition to the trusted comfort and absorbency consumers know and love.

The new Huggies Newborn and Infant nappies, which feature a zinc-enriched layer are clinically proven to help protect baby’s delicate skin from irritation.*

Huggies nappy

The new HUGGIES® Newborn and Infant nappies are available now at participating retailers across the country from RRP $22 for bulk packs**.

Learn more about the Huggies Newborn range by visiting Huggies.

*This claim is based on a clinical study conducted at an independent laboratory, using adult skin as a suitable substitute for baby skin. Results showed significantly less irritation when using Huggies® Zinc Enriched layer vs control. Contains zinc as zinc oxide.

**On shelf price is always at the discretion of the retailer. HUGGIES® Newborn and Infant nappies are subject to availability.

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