If you’re the parent of a school-aged child, brace yourself because the day is coming when your kid asks (or possibly starts nagging) for their own phone.

And you may ask yourself,”Seriously? Why does my seven-year-old need a mobile? Do all the other kids at primary school have a phone? Surely, this isn’t even a discussion to be had until they are in high school?”

But, you know it. We all know it. Children are savvy when it comes to tech devices. You’ve watched as your toddler mastered an iPad with ease and learnt to scroll through their favourite YouTube channels.

So really, it was only a matter of time before your school child was going to want their own smartphone.

Of course, the advantage is that you can always contact your child and they can contact you, which is particularly handy if there is a problem like you’re running late for pick up.

While the age you give your child a mobile is up to you and your personal circumstances, shopping expert Kathy Sheeran has these tips for making your decision easier and for ensuring that when the day comes, they know to use their own phone responsibly.

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Giving your child a mobile also gives you peace of mind that you can contact them and vice versa.

Be back to school safe
Before purchasing a mobile phone for your child, make sure to set boundaries. Ensuring that your child is able to understand how to use their device and how it should NOT to be used, is important. Having an open dialogue about the do’s and don’ts of a mobile phone is the first step before heading back to school.

Know your limits
With back to school shopping lists getting longer each year, shopping for these items can get extremely costly. From stationery and workbooks, to school shoes and ribbons, ensuring that you do your research on which retailers sell the best products you’re after at the best price, is essential.

Take advantage of second-hand bargains
Purchasing a phone is a big step for both parent and child. However, it can also be a big expense. The price of new phones are increasing year on year so why buy a phone that will cost a fortune when you could buy something just as good for half the retail price? numobile offers “good as nu” quality pre-owned iPhones or Samsung Galaxy phones and month-to-month plans packed with data, calls and texts. Your kids will not know the difference and will be excited to use their phone regardless.

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SOFIHUB Secure is a mobile personal alert system that can be kept in your child’s pocket or clipped to their school bag.

Keep tabs on your child without giving them a mobile

Particularly handy if your kids are walking to and from school or catching public transport, the SOFIHUB Secure is a small, mobile personal alert system that can be kept in your child’s pocket or clipped to their school bag.

The device can issue emergency SOS notifications to multiple people nationwide at the touch of a button. When the emergency button has been activated, an automatic text message is sent to family members or friends with the child’s current GPS location. The device is also equipped with global positioning to pinpoint a child’s whereabouts and allow instant voice contact through the built-in speaker phone.

This means parents have constant connection to their child and have no need to worry about them having access to an on-going internet connection.

For more details visit SOFIHUB.