While for most parents, the thought of slipping into a nice relaxing tub for a soak is the stuff dreams are made of, for some kids the experience can be anything but relaxing.

There’s all types of reasons that kids develop an aversion to bath time, from being too busy, to sensory issues and fears. Whatever their reasons, having a child that runs in the opposite direction whenever bath time is mentioned can be exhausting, for us and them!

Fear not, bath time does not have to be a battle when you can make it fun!

There are a few things you can do to reduce the stresses of bath time for a reluctant bather.

  • Make sure that your little one is not already too tired before bath time begins. Nothing is easy when you need a nap!
  • If your child has sensory issues when it comes to water, allowing them to sit in the tub as it fills can help them acclimate to the water gradually. Allowing them to control the temperature while supervised can offer a sense of control to anxious little souls.
  • Playing relaxing music, or music from their favourite kids performer can help set the tone and take away some of the echoey noises of the bathroom.
  • Using natural, sustainable and gentle products with a delicious, inviting scent, like the kids’ range from Aussie made and owned brand OC Naturals, where you can choose from ‘crocodile flavour’ Fruit Blast or ‘unicorn flavour’ Berry Bliss, will help make the whole scene a lot more inviting.

Need more ideas to inspire them to love bath time? Check out the fun bath time games in the gallery below.

What happens if they like bath time a little too much?

Bath products have come a long way. The affordable and accessible range from Australian made and owned OC Naturals are free from nasties like parabens, petrochemicals and harsh detergents, which makes OC Naturals great for little bodies. Plus they come in bottles made from recycled materials that can be recycled again and again, which makes them great for the planet too.

OC Naturals’ gentle and effective, vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable kids’ range means that even if they want to stay in the tub all night, bath time is better and gentler than ever!

However, if you need that soak to come to an end, you can use fun timing indicators like:

  • No more bubbles, no more bath: Once all of the suds have popped it’s time to hop out.
  • Wrinkly skin: Fingers and toes looking super wrinkly? It’s time to hop out and time how long before they return to normal again.
  • Pyjama race: Inspire stubborn kids to hop out and get dry by offering to see which one of you can get changed in to your pjs the quickest. Winner claims the title!

Five super fun bath games to make kids excited about bath time

Australian-made and owned brand OC Naturals Kids range is made from naturally derived, plant based ingredients that are free from nasties, making them effective yet gentle on your loved one’s skin and it’s kinder for the planet. OC Naturals Kids range is available from major supermarkets, Australia-wide – but look out for the larger 500ml sizes of the 3-in-1 Berry Bliss and Fruit Blast Conditioning Shampoo & Body Washes at Coles.