If there’s one thing the Madrigal clan know how to do, it’s throw an epic party!

At Casa Madrigal, every occasion is a celebration, and we’ve found everything you need to turn your party into a magical occasion, Encanto style! (If you haven’t experienced the magic that is Encanto yet, you can view it on Disney+!)

Watch the Encanto songs that’s sure to get stuck in your head after your Encanto party below …

This summer saw families all over the world fall in love with Madrigal family.

Disney’s new 2021 animated movie Encanto tells the tale of the Madrigal family, who live in an enchanted town in the mountains of Colombia.

Every child but one in their magical house (yes, the house itself is alive!) has been granted a unique ability such as strength or the power to heal. Mirabel, the only ordinary child, discovers this magic is under threat and she may be the only one to save it, despite not being blessed with special powers.

Colourful, magical and with a killer soundtrack that is sure to get stuck in your head, Encanto is the buzz word of 2022 so far and there is sure to be a little one in your life who will be begging for an Encanto birthday party very soon!

The best Encanto party supplies …