For some, Easter is a joyous religious celebration or time for family gatherings.

For others, the month of April is known for copious hot cross bun and chocolate consumption.

Well, the eggs-perts at Banjo’s Bakery Café have you covered with three must-try hot cross bun hacks for you to keep up your sleeve this Easter.

1. Double Choc Hazelnut Bread and Butter Pudding

If you happened to overestimate on your purchase of Easter buns this year, no need to waste them!

In fact, hot cross buns can be used to make the most delicious Bread and Butter Pudding.

See the recipe below using Banjo’s Bakery Café’s Double Choc Hazelnut Hot Cross Buns.


• 3 Eggs
• ¼ cup caster sugar
• 2 cups of milk
• 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
• 300ml pure cream
• 6 Double Choc Hazelnut Hot Cross Buns – use judgement depending on baking dish size.
• 3 tablespoons / 40g of softened butter

Step 1:
• Preheat oven on fan-forced at 180°C/160°C.
• Butter a baking dish that is approximately 5-7cm deep and 18cm x 27cm.
• Proceed to whisk eggs, caster sugar, vanilla extract, milk and cream in a bowl.

Step 2: Pour egg mixture over sliced up bread and bake for approx. 30mins minutes, or until golden. Serve with ice-cream.

Chocolate makes everything better. Yes, even hot cross buns.

2. Ice Cream Sandwich

A simple hack if you’re looking to spice up your desert is to infuse your hot cross bun with ice cream!

Step 1: Cut a hot cross bun in half and then put it in the freezer

Step 2: Once frozen, take the hot cross bun out of the freezer

Step 3: Put vanilla ice cream in between the two halves and re-freeze. Once frozen, serve up your delicious ice-cream sandwich.

Easter morning done right with hot cross buns.

3. Easter Egg in a Hole

If you have left over Easter eggs, a simple way to jazz us up your hot cross bun is by cutting out a small portion of the center and placing a cream egg in the middle.

Microwave for 30 seconds and you will have yourself a delicious cream egg in a hole!