By Charli Robinson

An incredible part of Hi-5 was making a real impression on children’s lives. We would hear about the impact we were having from parents we met or who had written to us especially from parents whose children were going through cancer or their siblings were.

I learnt lifelong lessons about strength from the children I would meet whilst on tour. In each city we arrived in we would go to the children’s hospitals. I was always overwhelmed with how truly amazing the children were, whilst going through the biggest challenge in their lives.

To be honest, the very first time we did a visit I lost it. I cried, blubbering, I was a mess. These gorgeous innocent children were so excited to meet me and I could barely breathe through the tears of sadness, not understanding why and how.

Then it hit me. Their parents weren’t crying, they consoled me?! The parents were strong, optimistic and resilient. They were facing the hardest moments a parent could possibly have and they were smiling at me.

Charli has two daughters, Theadora Elle, 11 months and Kensington, two.

I then realised, who was I to be sad when these families were showing such strength? I had no right to cry in front of them. I was there to bring joy and a distraction from what they were going through.

After that, throughout the next ten years and beyond (I continued visiting children’s hospitals after Hi-5 ended), I met these families and smiled, I laughed, I sang songs beside their beds and saved my tears for the pillow at night.

Charli, 40 is married to V8 Supercar driver, Liam Talbot.

It truly tests your faith, not understanding why any innocent child should go through this, but in my faith, I found strength as well. It’s not fair and it’s not right but these young souls show more strength than I’ve seen in my life. Most heal and live wonderful healthy lives, so if you’re gifted a moment to help them through in the smallest way like I did, then I felt it was the greatest privilege.

Now as a mother of two gorgeous girls I don’t know if I’m as strong as those families. I only need to think about the situation many are going through at Camp Quality and I’m in tears. But I know tears are but a drop of what the families are going through. A lesson to all us parents is to hold our children tighter, those late nights crying and tantrums as toddlers, still I hold them tight. It’s all a gift and blessing.

Hi-5 were a children’s entertainment group, formed in 1998. Charli Robinson (centre) was one of the original members.

I jumped at the chance to become an ambassador for Camp Quality’s Camp In as 2020 was tough on everyone, including the important work Camp Quality does. I’m so proud for my family to ‘Camp In’ this year and raise money and awareness for Australian children that need our support.

I urge families to join us, roll out your sleeping bag or pitch your tent and help raise funds for kids facing cancer.

Sign up today at Camp In.

Camp In is a national camping event with an important cause; to raise much needed funds that give life changing support to kids and families at every stage of the cancer experience. On June 12, kids and families across the country will pitch a tent and roll out sleeping bags in living rooms, backyards and campsites, ‘Camping In’ for kids facing cancer.