Australian comedian Celeste Barber, best known for her Instagram parodies, is also a mum of two boys, and as such she has now decreed to share her “maternal wisdom” with the world in a new ad for Google Chromebook.
When it comes to raising children, 39-year-old Celeste says she understands that “many new parents and expecting couples are finding the whole thing really daunting,’ and she’s here to “help them avoid these parenting pitfalls,” with hilarious, gut twisting results.

Celeste Barber offers parenting advice to an unsuspecting family on her ‘Guide to Everything Parenting’.

In the ad, which is intended to promote the benefits of using a Chromebook to make nap time easier, we see Celeste intrude on an unsuspecting family, Terry, Janine and their toddler Tyler, to offer her unsolicited parenting advice.

“Today, we’re gonna tackle one of life’s great mysteries, how to soothe a child before bedtime,” she begins.

Watch the full ad below …

Terry and Janine indicate that they have it covered, but Celeste charges forward offering sage wisdom which includes dressing in a teddy bear costume and making realistic bear noises before falling asleep herself.

“Oh, you’ve go to watch that tip it can be a bit too effective,” she says as she wakes up.

“Hello baby Tyler, I’m you beary best friend … it’s time for nap time.”

Celeste’s next tip comes in the form of the “sink and slither”.

Once baby Tyler was settled, Celeste declares that “everybody knows the second you try to escape, that’s when the trouble begins …”

The Instagram star demonstrates two hilarious moves as she tries to “sever the connection gradually” by slinking away from the cot and commando crawling across the toy-strewn floor.

The ‘sink and slither’ …

“Knowing your terrain is really important,” Celeste advises. “You can’t turn back, it doesn’t matter what happens because you have to just keep on going no matter how much pain you’re in.”

Celeste’s plan comes unstuck when she hits a tambourine, and yells for Terry and Janine to save themselves.

Celeste is such a natural physical comedian it’s easy to imagine that life at home is full of the chaos displayed in this new ad.

Speaking with Now to Love earlier this year, Celeste, who has over 8.5 million followers on Instagram says her family take it all in their stride.

Celeste who shares two sons, Lou, 9, and Buddy, 6, with her husband Api is also a mum to two step-daughters, Kyah, 20 and Sahra, 18 says that the parental embarrassment is not too much of an issue at home.
“They just think I’m funny.
“I mean it’s weird when I talk around in heels and a bikini about to take a photo. My nine year old son’s like, ‘Isn’t that… is that inappropriate?’ and I say ‘Probably darling, but it’s paying off this house’.”