There are many reasons why people choose to open their hearts and homes to adopt.

Whether it’s due to fertility issues, the hope of helping a baby in need, the strong desire to become a parent or to extend their family, one thing is clear: every child deserves access to a safe, nurturing and permanent family home.

Here are some of the famous faces who have chosen to adopt a child and are overjoyed to give a child their “forever family”.

Australian adoption laws

Each state and territory has its own rules and regulations for adoption.

All Australian states and territories except for the Northern Territory allow adoption by same-sex couples.

Likewise, all states and territories allow adoption by LGBT individuals, though in the NT it has to be ruled as ‘exceptional circumstances’.

Most states and territories allow individuals to apply for adoption, with the exception of Victoria.

Australia practices open adoption for both domestic and international adoptions.

For more details visit, Adopt Change.