For many parents across Australia it has been nine long weeks since their child has attended school full-time as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And the past few months have been nothing short of hectic. As we’ve juggled homeschooling our kids with everything else we have on our plates, our teachers have also been going above and beyond.

With very short notice, they’ve adapted to remote learning with most seeing their workload increase significantly, while also in some cases continuing to teach those kids who were required to attend school as their parents were essential workers.

As school resumed full-time today across many Australian states, it’s a big deal because it’s a sign that some social restrictions are lifting and we are yet another step closer to our new normal.

Someone who has all the feels about her daughter returning to school this week is The Project‘s Carrie Bickmore.

“Got emotional dropping Evie off at pre-prep this morning,” Carrie shared to her Instagram followers.

“Every time I started to say thank you to her teachers I choked up (didn’t help that they were playing You’ve Got A Friend In Me’!!) What our teachers have done over the past few months (and always) has been amazing. I feel so so grateful. Tonight on @theprojecttv we say thank you to our teachers across the nation. 🙏”


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Carrie’s post struck a chord with her 704,000 followers and it was flooded with comments.

“My daughter is a teacher and I’m in awe of her. She gives her everything to this amazing job,” wrote one follower.

“Thank you for the thank you – it’s really nice to be appreciated! It’s been such a tough time,” said a teacher.

Another poster agreed with Carrie, that today was definitely emotional.

“The teachers at school formed a welcome tunnel and were blowing bubbles on the kids. They had put up a welcome back banner and streamers and balloons. V emotional. They are amazing people,” she wrote.

One mum with students in their senior years at school and a husband who is a teacher was also full of praise.

“Teachers have been amazing! My kids are in yr 12 and 10 and the support has been incredible. Also being the wife of a teacher and seeing first hand what has gone into remote learning is nothing less than amazing! They certainly need to be celebrated for how they have managed this time!”