By entrepreneur and mum-of-two Christie Whitehill, co-founder of INTU WELLNESS.

Even before having my kids, I was a very on-the-go person but after having my first, and then falling pregnant with my second, the “doing it all” mentality really hit me.

It started slowly after two years of working long hours, not taking a break and not eating the right foods to fuel my body. During that time I was hustling. I was working long hours and I saw the time I was putting into my business and spending on meetings and invitations as a badge of honour.

In reality though, the exhaustion killed my productivity and caused long-term health issues that took a long time to recover from.

I knew I was at a real burnout stage when after my second baby was born. I tried to go back to work just to do general tasks but found that I could only work at 50% capacity. I felt fatigued all the time and I started to get brain fog, anxiety, depression, and even eye sight sensitivity.

My body was giving me subtle signs right at the beginning to slow down, take time out (which I never did) and eat better… I ignored all of them until I developed symptoms that started to affect my day-to-day life.

Christie Whitehill knew she was suffering burnout after the birth of her second child.

I can promise you that it is a lot easier to listen to your body and slow down than it is to make a comeback, but now that I have gone through it and have recovered, these are the life changes that I have made.

Life change #1

I started incorporating mindfulness practices into my life namely yoga and meditation. I started to become more in tune with my body and make the time to listen to its cues. This is something that I try to practise at least 3 days per week, if not more, and it has been hugely impactful for my health.

Life change #2 

I sought expert advice – my burnout was really bad by the time I addressed it. It had causes some serious health and gut issues and my body had a lot of healing to do. Diet and rest alone would not have been enough. So I worked with a naturopath and holistic doctor who provided me with supplements and a individualised diet plan to start the healing process. Seeking expert advice is important.

Christie with her husband, Getaway presenter, David Whitehill and their two children, Zac and Ava.

Life change #3 

I started exercising more – going for walks in nature and committing to moving and strengthen my body.

Life change #4

I made sleep and rest a priority. I’m much better now at pulling back when I can feel my body needs to rest. I ensure I take 10 min breaks away from the screen during the day. Getting 8-9 hours quality sleep a night for me is my goal in order to wake up revitalised and ready to take on the day. Fortunately my kids both sleep through the night now.

Life change #5

Learn about food being fuel for your body. I think it is important to learn what foods are fuel for you and what doesn’t support you. Now that I have recovered from burnout I have eliminated high processed foods and foods with refined sugar added, and stick to an 80/20 rule of 80% clean healthy eating diet of fruits, vegetables and protein and 20% of the time I will treat myself.

Struggling from burnout with two kids, a business and a husband in tow was no easy feat, so listen to your body, seek expert advice and do what you need to do to stay happy, healthy and productive.