By Catie Powers

In delightful news, The Bachelorette‘s Becky Miles has officially welcomed her first child with her partner, James Bevin.

The new mum announced the joyous update via Instagram, writing: “Welcome to the world little girl ~ we are just so very in love with you 🌸

“Billie Austin Bevin, born morning of 30 April ~ 33 weeks 3 days old. She’s early but doing so well 💗.”

“Getting in all the chest cuddles with my little angel 🌸.”

Becky first announced she and James were expecting in January this year.

“I can’t wait to be a mum,” the then-18-week-pregnant star told the Daily Telegraph. “I have always wanted to be a mother, and I guess I have had some close friends that have had some issues falling pregnant in the past.

“I was given some advice from a friend who said if I was dreaming of being a mum and getting pregnant, maybe I should just let nature do its thing. And so we did.”

She and air traffic controller James met on the dating app Hinge and had been together for 18 months before falling pregnant with their first child.

Becky’s dream of being a mother came true when baby Billie arrived on April 30, 2022.

Prior to meeting James, Becky appeared on season six of The Bachelorette alongside her sister, Elly Miles.

The reality star chose Pete Mann in the final episode, before confirming the pair had split in November 2020, mere hours after the finale had aired.

In a chat with our sister publication WHO at the time, the emotional reality star explained she was “blindsided” when Pete called time on their relationship.

“Once we were back home I gave him a little bit of space and then we had a FaceTime call and he just expressed to me that he’d realised that he didn’t really think there was a spark there,” she said. “I was absolutely devastated.”

The happy couple are over the moon, despite their daughter’s early arrival.

Despite the road blocks throughout her love story, Becky is now happier than ever with the father of her child, James, confirming they will eventually head for the aisle.

“We have been dreaming of those next steps and talking about engagement and having a baby and now that has all become a reality,” Becky told the Daily Telegraph.

“We will definitely get married at some point,” she continued, with James adding: “She’s the one for sure.”

Becky was admitted to hospital at about 31 weeks and said at the time: “My ultrasound, bloods were normal though, and she and I are doing well and I’m out and back home 🙌🏼 fingers and toes crossed that that’s the end of them 💕”

This article appears on New Idea and is republished with permission.