Proving that no baby is ever the same as the last, popstar and mum-of-three Ashlee Simpson has admitted that breastfeeding third child, three-month old, Ziggy Blu Ross has thrown her a curve ball.

The 36-year-old, Pieces of Me singer and her husband Evan Ross welcomed little Ziggy in October 2020 and despite success with Ziggy’s latching early on, things took a shift when Ashlee began noticing his discomfort at feeding time.

Taking to Instagram, the little sister of pop superstar, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee shared an adorable image of herself gazing down at her newborn son alongside the candid confession.

“It was going so well until I noticed how uncomfortable he was, crying and spitting up after almost every feed.”

Putting paid to the idea that third time mums have got this parenting thing down pat, the Outta My Head songstress confessed that she questioned her own judgement and sought help elsewhere.

“I have loved breastfeeding my children,” wrote the star who also has five-year-old daughter, Jagger with actor husband Evan Ross and 12-year-old son Bronx with her ex-husband, musician Pete Wentz.

“Ziggy latched right away and has been nursing like a champion from the start,” she wrote. “It was going so well until I noticed how uncomfortable he was, crying and spitting up after almost every feed.”

The singer shared that little Ziggy was “still gaining weight” but his comfort issues her feeling “confused and guilty“.

Breastfeeding issues have left Ashlee Simpson feeling “confused and guilty” the third time around.

“Was it me? Could it be something I was eating? How do I soothe him?” the mum-of-three admits to asking herself.

Not wanting to resort to “over the counter medication” unless absolutely necessary, the new mum sought help in mother’s groups online, but the amount of advice she found was “really overwhelming”.

Eventually Ashlee was able to get some much-needed by using a parenting app called Peanut.

A source has told E! News: “Ashlee has been resting and spending time with Evan and her family since returning home with the baby. The two of them are so happy, full of love and eagerly doting on baby Ziggy. Ashlee’s pregnancy was relatively easy. Ziggy arrived right on his expected due date, and free of any complications.”

Ashlee is looking forward to her kids growing up alongside their cousins, including sister Jessica Simpson’s youngest daughter, 18 month old Birdie.

The insider added: “Some family has met the baby, however, everyone is being cautious because of COVID. Since Ziggy and Birdie’s siblings are quite a few years older, Jessica and Ashlee are looking forward to the two of them growing up together.”

Jessica shares Maxwell Drew Johnson, eight, Ace Knute Johnson, seven, and Birdie Mae Johnson with husband Eric Johnson.

Lovebirds Ashlee and Evan are proud parents who love to take their kids with them everywhere.

“Even in the time that we’re working, we look at times where we can make sure we can get away and take trips with the family. We take [the kids] with us. I feel like that’s how I grew up,” Evan has said in the past.

“My mum used to take me everywhere. … We’d be running around doing the whole thing, so I feel like, why not?”